Is the vision worthy of you?

There was a man who was preaching a message to his audience.  All of the sudden, he stopped in the middle of his sermon and cried “Wait. Don’t jump! The answer is in your briefcase!”.

The preacher’s audience looked baffled, and he was as well. He honestly couldn’t tell you WHY he said what he said.

A while later, he found out why.  While taking a train home from a business trip, another man, a lonely man, contemplating taking his life, decided to first listen to a tape his loved one had packed away for him. He thought it was an “inspirational tape”, not necessarily a sermon.

Actually, it was both. Here’s why. When the lonely business man started that tape, he heard it played at exactly the point where it said, “Wait. Don’t jump! The answer is in your briefcase”.

He went to his briefcase and found that the one he loved had also packed away a Bible.


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God and the Universe

jesus holding the worldeye of god nebula

A lot of marketers talk about the law of attraction, and for the most part, what they are saying is actually biblical.

Writing down your goals is Biblical

Habakkuk 2:2    And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

So is:

Withrdrawing, Analyzing, and Brainstorming

Proverbs 4:26

Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.>And I even agree with confessing, that is, calling out what you believe God wants to happen (provided it doesn’t move into the area of presumption and/or manipulation).

But now, one of the areas that greatly disturbs me, is when people talk about the law of the universe. And they talk about the universe as though it were merely some impersonal force with no personhood–

But God is a person. And if these law of attraction people would refer to their source of power as God, rather than, the universe, I might agree with everything they say.

Dani Johnson wrote an ebook about this. She talked about the laws of the universe and it the last section, explained that this was a person, that is, God, whom she had been referring to. She then told her readers that she waited to identify her source as God, because she knew that she would lose her readers if she started off talking about God.  And I’m okay with that strategy

jesus holding the world


But how about this, law of attraction people…how about you start, today, giving the Almighty, Jesus, God, you know,,,,the Creator, all the glory and credit


Motivational Monday|Authority in the Home

There is something called “authority” that is not really recognized today.
Authority is just the same as “having a right” to something.
When you have authority over your children, that just means that you understand your rights as a parent. You have the right to expect your children to mind you.

When you “exercise authority” you walk in your authority. You “take authority” not necessarily through punishment, or coercion, but many times, just by making it plain to your kids, “I’m the parent.” If you have children, you may find that often times, they are just waiting on you to “lay down the law” and to walk in the authority, as in “I’m the parent, and I know it”

I have found that with my own kids, that sometimes, merely voicing my position with them is enough to get them to snap back to order. I don’t need to yell or threaten. In fact, I sometimes think that parents who do this have just forgotten that they have authority, and are yelling and threatening as though they don’t.

Good bosses, don’t have to yell and commandeer their crews around. They have a good relationship with their team and in return, the team respects them. They WANT to please the boss.

Authority can often be misinterpereted by those who abuse it. Just as a police officers authority only extends as far as the law allows, a parents authority only goes as far as the law of respect allows.

When you don’t respect your children, they may obey you, but it will be a rebellious type of rebellion. That’s because, obedience without relationship, is rebellion. I think that might have been how the first archangel conducted himself in heaven. I think he might have obeyed out of duty…which in turn, led to large scale rebellion.

Parent, have you won the battle, but lost the war? Do your children serve you out of love and respect, or out of dread, terror or anger…?


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Building Rapport through Blogging

You know you need to do it. Everyone tells you it’s not optional. The research overwhelming supports it’s effectiveness

“Sue, what are you trying to say?”

Listen. I just want to drive this home. I wanted to get your attention.

Reader, you  need to build rapport with your audience.

You need to pull back the curtain of your heart and let it rip.

You need to…take off your masks and be transparent!

But reader.  Let me ask you…don’t you feel vulnerable when you do that?

And doesn’t it seem counter-intuitive?

After all, you want to seem professional. And you don’t want to be every body’s good old buddy, because you know why you are blogging…you are blogging for your business, not to get all of the “hi fives” that you can.

And also, you know that you need to be taken seriously.

One of the best things you can do in order to build rapport, without revealing too much information, is just to share with the readers some of the challenges that you have experienced in your business.

Even if you run a professional blog, with quality, high-info content, you still need to have that element of the human touch. No matter what anyone tells you, I am here to set the record straight:

People read blogs to find out about other people.

Yes, it’s true; your reader is specifically reading your BLOG (not website), because they want to get their question answered through the lens of human experience.

This is where so many bloggers miss it.

It’snot easy knowing the difference between  coming across as a professional and  being perceived as…austere.

In my ebook, “Building rapport through your blog” I show you how to connect with your reader in a way that:

Positions you as an expert…without coming across as arrogant

Draws empathy from the reader…without making you look week, but rather, approachable

Teaches you how to use your blog as a barometer of your target market, so that you can speak to them more effectively.

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How to Be Happy Every day!


One thing I have received in feed back from a lot of my visitors is that they suffer from anxiety and/or depression.

Reader, are you chronically sad? Or does life feel grey all the time?

Does it just seem like life is one big slog?

I know a  lot of us (myself included) are feeling really wrung out from the winter.

One thing that really helps me each day is to get a good shot of positive thinking in my head.

They say you are what you eat, but I want to add to that and say, you are what you eat upstairs…in your mind.

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Writing for your audience

“Hey, blogger, do I …know you?”

When you write a blog, it is so important that you write just as though you were talking to them.

Here’s what I mean: have you ever been on the web and found yourself reading a blog that went something like this:

Search engine optimization.

What is search engine optimization?

Well, search engine optimization is who search engines rank your website. They optimize it. For the search engines.

Another word for Search engine optimization is SEO. Seo stand for search engine optimization.

Okay, other than sounding choppy, did you notice how you had to trip over the word “Search engine Optimization” , like, half a dozen times; and you still had to scan for any info. And the info that you got was something you got already!

Content like this cheapens the web, and is annoying. It is super easy to tell at a glance that these bloggers are NOT interested in content, just in getting rankings.

For what? Ranking well so that others will click off your site? (see how THAT helps your rankings……

–No, a better way is to write to your audience.

What most bloggers don’t know.

One thing that a whole lot of bloggers don’t understand is how their rankings are affected by how long people stay on their site.

So let me explain:

When you optimize to the search engines to the point of sacrificing the user experience, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

All of those keywords help your blog rise in the rankings, but everyone clicks off within seconds.

And that will cause your rankings to plummet.

A better way to get rankings is just to write naturally. No one believes this, but it really is the best way to get rankings.

How do I know? Because I’ve done seo. No, reader, I mean I have DONE SEO. Diligently. Thoroughly. I even have an Seo business. And if I told you how well I’ve done on some keywords, you probably wouldn’t believe me. Or think I was bragging. Or be…jealous.

Or, more likely, you would try to emulate my strategies. So here it is (this is for all of you who have found my blog through the search engines).

The very best thing you can do for your blog is to write naturally.

Hode it, hode it (that’s how my kids used to say it) I know what you’re thinking (yes, reader, it’s true…I read minds). No seriously,  I do know that advice like that seems so mamby pam, pie in the sky fake.  It s sounds like something that your competitor would say, to steer you wrong.

But you aren’t my competitor.  You are my partner. Because, if you keep making the web look cruddy by posting SEO rich, content poor dribble, it makes all of us look bad.

Look, you’ve tried everything else.

How about this one?

For one month, instead of using all of the SEO trick, tips and gadget you can think of , how about just writing naturally?

I’m not saying that you can’t put keywords in your copy, in your title, or on you tags. But how about this experiment: for one full month, just write like you talk. And then, let me know how it works for you

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