Be the life of the party

How to be the life of the party.

Do you struggle with anxiety? Does it always seem like others are looking at you? Or are you just afraid that they may….notice you?

Social anxiety comes in all stages and in many forms from slight paranoia to full blown psychosis. The truth is we have all had moments of severe self doubt, even to a debilitating degree. Nowhere is this more evident than in the arena of public speaking. People were asked in a poll what there biggest fear was. And it wasn’t death…(that was in second place). It was (you guessed it). Public speaking. Seriously. Apparently, there are people who would rather die than speak in public. This tells me two things. Even normal, healthy people can be consumed with debilitating fear when it comes to intense social encounters and secondly, most people do NOT have practice in speaking in public. And I don’t think this just applies to holding a microphone. Because the truth is, while many social people are sort of nervous when speaking in public, they aren’t SO nervous that they would rather die than speak publicly.

I have a compelling theory…could it be that we have a nation of socially awkward technoids who are more comfortable texting than talking? I’m not sure what else could explain the huge numbers of people who would rather die than speak to an audience.

Now, when I was in school, public speaking was mandatory. I mean, you just couldn’t escape elementary school without reading an oral report at least five separate times before middle school. And in Jr. High, everyone took speech class because the other class options were too academic, and speech wasn’t as hard as, say, Civics class, etc. Now, however, it appears that schools do not stress this as much. Society certainly doesn’t. When a significant number of teens report that they are more comfortable texting their friends than sharing actual face time (not Facebook, but face to face time) then we know we have a generation of kids that are going to grow up socially stunted.

I would like to offer some suggestions to overcoming social awkwardness RIGHT NOW.

Pretend you’re a celebrity. Truly. When people are watching you, or at least you are sure they are, bask in it. Smile broadly, flip your hair, snap your finger and extend two thumbs up toward them. Go over the top and buy into the fact that, Babe, you got it going on…you are a celebrity! This one sure tip is a life saver because it doesn’t talk you out of what you are sure of (they are all STARING at me!!) and teaches you how to lean into the lie rather than fight it (yea Babe, it really is true…you just aren’t that important to the masses).

If you are twitching and squirming inside when you go out in public, try dressing…and acting…like a celebrity. And then tell me how it worked for you.

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How to Get Followers

Now, I’m not talking about getting people to get behind your dream, or to get onboard your latest project.

I think you know what I mean here; you want others to follow your blog, or to “follow” you on Face Book.

But here’s the thing; people aren’t going to follow you if they don’t like what you have to say. And here’s the other thing–everyone doesn’t have to agree with you, to like what you have to say. They may find you obnoxious, or annoying as hades. Or they may find you amusing as in “check this clown out, he’s ridiculous”.  And then, wham! They click that like button.

To this day, it amazes me how many affiliate marketers follow me, even though I have all but slammed affiliate marketing. Why is that? I think it’s because, in the world of blogging and social media, people want what’s real.

Being real and passionate about what you post is the surest way to get others to follow you.

Another way is to beg people to follow you. No, it’s really true. If you slobber all over your readers and beg them to comment, like your post, or follow you, amazingly–they will! Try it and see. Then tell me if it works, I’d love to hear about it.

Evaluating the quality of your internet marketing education


When you are first starting your online business, you want to make sure that you are getting the right kind of information at a price you can afford. You want the education you are receiving to be the best it can be, and highly relevant to your particular business. And, you want results.

Hiring the complete services of a very good marketing agency would be the fastest way to get your business going. But definitely not the cheapest. A marketing agency will outsource all of the necessary work or do it with their own team. They will outline a plan for your business, and just do it all for you. Most new business owners can not afford this option at first.

If you are looking to learn how to market items yourself, you can hire a recommended “guru” to coach you and show you step-by-step how it’s done. Mentoring is hands down the best way to learn internet marketing and in the end, is almost as expensive as a marketing agency, but with the benefit of an education.

Consulting is always a good option if you just want someone to tell you what they think. Consulting may be done by the hour or a complete day, and if it’s really consulting it should just be you, not a group of people, getting advice from the expert. Note: many consultants refer you to other people for the services you need. And they get a commission for doing so. Beware of the quality of such referrals and ask the consultant if they are getting a kick back

Next best thing is a personal road map of your business. Not all coaches will do this and the reason is they either don’t know how, or they don’t think it’s as thorough.  A road map of your business is a written blue print or flow chart which tells you in written form what you should be doing, in what order.

If you can’t afford any of these specialized services, then you need to self-educate through free online tutorials or paid modules. The problem is, no matter how detailed the information is, it still isn’t going to tell you when to use it, or in what order.

The approach I take for my internet marketing program, is to provide a step by step system that takes you through each process needed to get your business online, looking good, getting traffic and making sales.

When you self-educate off of the internet, you may find it hard to know which style to use in marketing, and how to integrate all of these tutorials together.

But when you have real help from an expert, they can lift you above the clouds and show you the whole picture from a seasoned angle.

The Restless Marketer

“Restlessness is nothing more than your destiny nipping at your heals and waiting for an assignment”.– Mike Murdoch.

Write the vision, and make it plain, that he may run that reads it

Ponder the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established.

These are all great quotations on how to write down your dream. But that’s not enough. You need to commit to paper actionable ways to bring your plan to life.

It needs to be:





Planning your life’s dream can be a lot of work.

That’s why I developed my online workshop “Order you day”. It’s a 12 week program.

Each day, I bring you actionable steps to getting your dream on paper, on your master schedule, and getting her done.

The cost? $50 per month or until you feel like your dream is beginning to happen. Cancel anytime.

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How to really make money on the internet

Hey, reader, did you ever see some new affiliate package that seemed SO COOL you just knew, there was NO WAY that you wouldn’t make a bunch of money selling it?

Maybe it was some awesome, cookie cutter affiliate website that just was so visually compelling, you just knew that if you had one of those cool, draw-you-in and-wow-you websites, then everyone would come running. They’d see it be impressed, and find it irresistible. Bang! They’d buy your product…and you’d be so rich, shooting fish in the barrel.

Or maybe, you found some dropship site. All you had to do was get some cookie cutter dropship site. They’d let you send this stuff out to your customers only, no, they would actually send it, with your address on the return label. And you had nothing you had to do except to collect the orders.

How did you feel when it dawned on you that in the end, you had nothing to do, because no one was buying? No one knew you were even on the internet….and those dropship guys had their $250 sign up fee you’d paid them?

If you are tired of playing the “get rich now game” that doesn’t make you rich at all, then maybe it’s time for a real plan.

In my internet marketing program, I teach you what it really takes to build a business from scratch, get it on the internet (with your own unique website), and how to take orders online.

I also show you how to really get traffic to your website.

And I show you how to do all of this without paying one dime for advertising.

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“They like me…they like me not”

They like Me! (sigh…they like me not :((

Reader, have you ever gone on your blog to check your notifications for what you thought was a great post, only to find…

“NObody LIKES ME>>>>…….” (sob).

You all know what I’m talking about…that little “like” feature that shows up when someone clicks on like.

It’s so affirming.

It’s so personal (ah, look at the little thumbnails of all my devout readers)

and (here’s the sad part) it so does NOT pay you any money.

Well, at least not immediately…though it can build online credibility (thanks, likers!)

Why then does everyone I talk to  feel like a loser when no one has liked their posts?

I think it’s because, we all like knowing that we are not being ignored in cyber space.

Isn’t it deflating when you post something and wonder who in the world, out their in internet land, got anything out of it…at all?

It makes me think of the saying “If a tree fell in the forest, and no one heard it, did it even make a noise”.

I think it would make more sense to say, “If a tree fell in the forest, yes, it probably made some noise and, yes, some living creature definitely heard it, and probably some humans, too”.

Now, they may not be yelling “timber.”

But it helped the woodsman get some upper arm strength.

It helped someone else get through the forest.

No one may hear your tree fall…today.

But the inspiration  you provide on your post might help someone find their way through the internet marketing forest tomorrow.

Thanks for all of you who like my posts and inspire me through your own.

“Google says I’m dying”


stethoscope and keyboard of a computerThat’s what I heard on someone’s blog once, but it’s not what you think…this woman joked that if you enter your symptoms into Google, you will become convinced after the first two webpages you visit, that your end is near.

That’s the humor in forming a diagnosis based on incomplete information. And that’s what many of you do…you think you aren’t a success because you aren’t getting a lot of

“likes”, traffic, or  people signing up for your newsletter. But any one of these things, on their own, is not necessarily an indicator of how good your business has been set up.

Remember, you only need people to visit you, who actually end up buying your product…eventually

See, a lot of people get ALL stressed out because their competitor has more likes than them…more sign ups than they do… or they are getting way more traffic.

But what they DON”T realize is, none of these factors guarantee the most important thing in internet marketing…getting the sale.

Plenty of people get plenty of likes, plenty of followers, and plenty of traffic, but not one single person has ever bought their product.

I know, because they tell me. (Remember, I’m an online coach). And I meet people all of the time who have the most awesome sales funnel you could possibly imagine…but they aren’t making any sales.

They are constantly stressing over rankings, click through rates, and how they can get more comments. But guess what? Not one of these things ensures the sale. The truth is, it takes many factors, usually, before someone buys.  But it’s not an exact science. Remember, spiders crawl the world wide web, but humans are the actual ones who make the buying decision. That’s why some rules don’t apply in some circumstances.

Sometimes, a marketer does everything right, but they have an annoying pop up ad that drives everyone away from an otherwise perfect experience.

Some marketers are themselves annoying, and build the site around their annoying online presence.

Or, they look unprofessional and incompetent, and their website’s exit rate shows it (exception…the Lazy Stoner)

Or, they brag, brag, brag, and even though have proof, no one likes them, so no one stays (though, there are exceptions…like the Rich Jerk)

And here’s the most important point I want to drive home for you…if you are a marketer and you do absolutely every single thing right, following all of the checklists out there, it is highly likely there will be some gaping hole, somewhere, in your marketing plan. And guess what? You won’t see it, because, (here it is)

We ALL have blind spots.

And I want you to know that, as a marketing coach, one of the hardest things for me to do is to hold back from giving free information….free advice…free feedback, to those of  you who who desperately need it…and don’t even know it.

Aren’t we all like that? Don’t we all want to wipe the nose of that stranger who has something hanging from their nose? Or at least point it out? Well, maybe you don’t feel that way, but as a mother, I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to scrub another mothers child’s face, because.. well, because I’m a mother, and I care.

It’s the same way as an internet marketer. People follow my blog who could be doing so much better online if they’d just do x, y and z. It’s hard not to tell them so.

But I’ve learned from experience, that free advice is not cherished, not followed, and is even resented by most people who are too proud to get a second opinion.

Is your blog, website, or marketing funnel all that you want it to be? If you know your website could do better, schedule a phone consultation today.

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“I blog, therefore, I am”

thinker-close.jpgReader, is that how you feel? Does the message out there seem to be, “Get a blog, or you are nobody”?

I see the effects of this mind set in a lot of blogs that I read.

Some blogs I see are hastily put up, with a whole bunch of “me, me, me” and accompanying chest thumping.

Other blogs I see are put up by someone who is obviously, shy, poor at writing, and by someone who  really doesn’t want to blog…but thinks they need to in order to be someone.

And I think that is sad, because so many people really could be good at blogging, if they did it for the right reason.

Do you feel like blogs are draining, too invasive, and barely worth the mental toil they take on you?

If you honestly hate blogging, if you think your blog could use improvement, or even if you’ve just begun blogging, then you owe it to yourself to check out my tutorial

“Blogging made better.”

This is not some lame “feel good” ebook, but a really robust guide to making a blog you can feel good about…and be proud of.

The days of boring, anemic blogging are over! Grab it now, while you can.

How to Outshine the Competition

Bruce Wilkerson writes the following in his book: “The Dream Giver”

He defines what a “gimper” is, and how the definition of being a gimper changed his life;

“A  gimper is someone who always does a little more than what’s required or expected. In the furniture business, for example, gimping is putting the finishing touches on the upholstery, patiently applying the ornamental extras that are a mark of quality and value”.


So, the question I want to ask you today is, Are you a “gimper?” Do you do the bare minimum in your business, or do you consistently take time to go above and beyond the competition?

Here are some ways you can shine in your industry

Customer service:

always be there for your customers. Don’t make them wait for a response if they contact you. If you use voice-mail, be sure to answer all requests with 24 hours, always. Two hours is a better response rate. Ten minutes or less is ideal. Why is getting back to your customers so important? It shows them honor. And if you are on of the few businesses who takes response time seriously, you will be a gimper.

Another way you can be a gimper is to regularly: get feedback from your audience. Rather than running test after test and paying for market research, determine what your customer wants by simply asking. When you make use of polls and surveys, you keep your pulse on the desire of your customer so you can better serve them.

Few business owners rely primarily on public demand for forming their business strategy. When you do, you’ll be a gimper.

Do you have any tips or tricks you use in your business to delight your customer? We’d love to hear about it in the comment section !

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How to hook your reader

Reader, are you struggling with keeping your reader engaged? Do you find it difficult to get your followers to keep following your blog? If you think that your readership is suffering, and you are running out of juice for blog posts, than its time to learn how to build rapport through blogging.

Smart business owners know that people are twice as likely to buy if they like you. And there’s almost no surer way to get a following of people to like you than to get followers on your blog. But how is that done?

In my four part mini series “Building Rapport Through Blogging” I’ll show you how to:

  • Connect with your reader by sharing your struggles
  • Garner empathy by pulling back the curtain of your soul
  • Speak your reader’s language

And you’ll learn how to do all of this without coming across as cheesy or unprofessional.

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level?

Why it makes sense to sell a product you actually like+

Selling what you love:Reason number one: You are going to be exposed to it every day. If you are shipping out sparkplugs everyday, and you have no interest in them, you’ll get bored. But if you are selling something you make and love, you will enjoy it more.

Reason number two: If you have no passion for your product, you will lose interest in promoting it. Think about it; how are you going to sound jazzed about a product you are promoting if you have no interest in it?

Reason number three: if your product promotion involves writing e-zines, reviews, or posting articles every day, you are going to run out of things to say unless you know about your product and/or research your product. If you aren’t in love with your product or well acquainted with it, you writing juices will run dry. And people will feel it.

It’s not all about the money. And even if it were, you won’t make much if the passion isn’t there.  Before you jump on the “what product will make me the most money”  caravan, find the  best product for you personally.

The guts of making money online

  1. an actual product. This means something you can hold in your hand, and ship yourself.
  2. Refer to rule number one if you are an affiliate marketer
  3. Make sure it’s a product that at least one hundred people in the world use…
  4. and would pay more for (as an example, there are thousands of Amish, but they make their own buggy whips, so that would not be a good product).
  5. Try to pick a product you are interested in. It helps prevent burnout. So, for example, if you are a mechanic, don’t try to sell wigs and makeup. A lot of marketers choose things like health care because they think that they will make a lot of money. But you need to choose something you are passionate about.
  6. Pick a market that is not saturated. When you get better at marketing, you can get into a more competitive field.
  7. Get a really good internet education, and make your sales platform the very best it can be! It’s all right here