Internet Marketing Wisdom

Step one Knowledge

Most marketers strive to “crack the internet” code by finding bits and pieces of knowledge here and there. They know some things about internet marketing, but they don’t quite know how to fit it all together

Step two Education

Failing to piece together all of the random information they’ve acquired “for free”, the serious internet marketing student settles down, and gets some serious marketing training


After learning what to do, in what order, the student systematically begins applying the principles learned in their education


As their marketing education is applied, the student learns first hand what principals work where, or when, but there is still more to learn, and some things don’t appear to work in their particular business.


The student, now savvy enough to know a lot about marketing, reinvests in their business by hiring a consultant to look at every aspect of their business.


The business owner applies every sound piece of advice that the mentor recommends, referring back often for feedback.

Scaling up

Now that the business owner has the kinks worked out, it’s time to ramp up the advertising and begin expanding. VERY FEW marketers get here.

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