Personality Thursday…The Passive Aggressive.


Last week we talked about the Backstabber who did so for personal gain.

But that’s not the only kind. Some people do mean things behind your back when they are a passive agressive person.

So what is a passive agressive personality type? Simply put, it’s someone who had trouble voicing their discontent with a decision someone makes, or their annoyance with something someone does.

Passive agressive people have a real need for others to like them. They would rather drink glass shards then risk rejection for standing up for themselves. It is so important for others to like them, that they put up with immense (albeit unintended) mistreatment.

Put a passive agressive together with a tactless, inconsiderate person who has no idea they are offensive, and you are sure to see passive agressive  behavior at it’s best (or should I say, worst).

Here’s how they work:

When a passive agressive person is mad about something, instead of confronting the (often clueless) offender, they simply sabatoge them in an underhanded way.

Question: How many passive agressives does it take to change a light bulb?

answer: One, but, well, it was dark and I couldn’t see real well, and I was tired and, oh dear, oh my, gee I am just SO SORRY but, well, the light bulb broke. Oh, I feel so bad, I know that all of the stores are closed right now. Well, please forgive me, my hand is bleeding and…no, no really. I’ll be alright. Here, maybe I can drive to seven eleven, no really, it’s fine. Are you sure? No really, I’m fine, I can get stitches tomorrow.

As you can see, the passive agressive is a pro at stabbing you behind the back, and yet earning your sympathy–all the while rejoicing at your downfall.

And, yes, a passive agressive person would even rather hurt themselves rather than give in to you.

Have you had to put up with passive agressive behaviour? Would love to hear your comments! (Click here)

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