“Gaslighting”{personality thursday}

Ingrid Bergman was the lead actress in a movie called “Gaslight”.

It’s a classic about a woman whose husband is trying to get her to think she is crazy, by turning the lights on and off and making her think she herself did so, and just forgot she did.

Psychologists have termed this type of “crazy making” Gas Lighting.

When some one is gaslighting in a relationship, they are trying to make you believe that you are the crazy one.

There are many ways people do this, and many reasons for it.

In my experience, projection is the main reason that people do this.

Or in other words, they are projecting their nonsense on to you, and blaming you for what they have done.

It’s also called mirroring, and it’s generally done when someone doesn’t want you getting too close to their true intent, so they act like you are the one to blame.

Gaslighting serves as a diversionary tactic for people who have been, or who are about to be, “found out”.

According to Martha Stout, Phd, sociopaths are the most common personality types to engage in this behaviour.

Not nearly enough space exists in this article to talk about that kind of near-human, but just know this…if someone in your life is engaging in “crazy-making’, that is, blaming you with insane accusations, and especially if they are pinning their dirt on you, then you need to get immediate distance.

I am very curious to know how many of you have been the victim of this type of treatment, ever.

Care to share?

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