Personality and Marketing

It’s “Personality Thursday”. and today we’re going to be discussing how your personality can determine your marketing style.

Are you an introvert? If you are, then you may like doing things behind the scenes. You may enjoy affiliate marketing, or, if you like to write, content marketing.

Are you an extrovert? Do you love to communicate and dialogue with others? If so, you may enjoy taking up the past time of blogging, and using it to promote your business.

Are you seriously analytical? Do you enjoy taking things apart and discovering what makes them tick? If you do, then you may enjoy learning all you can about internet marketing.

Are you a natural born leader? Do you know how to delegate? If you do, then jump start your business by getting others to do the grunt work for you.

Trade tasks you hate with those who love them.

Better yet, get a team of followers and form a marketing company.

There are SO MANY ways to make money online, but one mistake I see people make is thinking that they have to do it all. You don’t! But it is very helpful if you can recognize who in your circle of influence is good at what. And what their weakness is. Then contact them about working together on a project.

Are you great at writing sales copy but awful at developing? Join forces with a techie who can, and make a rock solid website together.
Having trouble getting traffic, but no trouble at all connecting with people and getting them to buy when they DO manage to find you? Join forces with someone who has traffic and share your networking talents with them…in exchange for a chance to share on their blog.

This really isn’t hard to do. In fact, it’s just as simple as asking.
Here’s the right way to do it.

Contact the marketer privately (never on the comment form on their blog or website, if it’s publically viewed),

Identify yourself, and mention what you like about their blog, skills, or latest post (be sincere, but don’t gush).

Mention what you yourself are doing on the internet scene, what your strong points are (don’t brag!) and then throw out the opportunity. Mention that it would be great if you both could somehow pool your resources, for a win-win solution.

Make it clear that they are under no pressure to accept the offer, and ask them what they think would be a fair arrangement (for example, I’ll help you improve your rankings if you help me write sales copy). You just need to be tactful about what you can offer, and then leave it up to them to tell you which of your skills they find helpful.

Finally, leave your contact information, especially a voicemail, and tell them you are looking forward to hearing from them.

That’s all there is to it!

So the next time you are thinking about how to get those holes plugged, look around you. Then reach out.

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