The Three C’s in Making an effective Online Presence



Your blog or website must have enough content that people think you have something to say.

You need to post ever single weekday.


Your content must have “proof” or documented evidence for your claims, or, it must have the ring of truth to it. People are going to be able to smell a snow job. If you don’t think you have a lot of this, then at least provide your full name and contact information.


–You must connect with your reader by showing your humanity. You need to have occasional references to your own life experiences, without seeming too unprofessional. In fact, if you had to choose between the two, it would almost be better (especially for a blog) to be a bit far-leaning on the personal rather than the professional side. That’s because blogs are relational.

If you struggle with this, or are a private person, then you  should try  to post at least one cozy, “come into my office and see my work” post at least every other week.

Better yet, a “come into my workshop, living room, garden, tailgate party” post every month. At least. And on the monthly post, you don’t even have to tie it into your business. Just be personable.

When you do pull back the curtains, don’t reveal anything about yourself that is crude or raunchy, if you don’t want to risk driving away your biggest client base.

Save the f word and references to your sex-life from those who wouldn’t appreciate it.

People want to see your personal side without you being TOO personal…unless, they are your biggest fan base or are a member of your online “tribe” (more on that later)

Note: If you have a really harsh, mouthy blog, I’m not targeting you here with this advice. But if you are hoping to make money on your blog, then unless you are marketing to Bikers and tattoo artists exclusively, then it might be wise to refrain from some of the verbage. Just a thought

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