Why your blog is…not so much

Do you want more out of your blog? Have you recently started blogging and know that there is so much more you could do to your blog to make it better?

Here are some basic tips (note: for those of you who already know this, I hope you bear with me on this review of the basics. A lot of my readers have gaping holes in their otherwise beautiful blogs.

Okay, fellow blogger. So you found a theme, you’ve got great photos, and your content is awesome. What’s not to love? Here are the three common “oh my gosh, are you kidding me” gaping holes I have found in many of your blogs.

Site Title

When I visit some of your blogs, there at the top is a little title that tells me the name of your blog. But instead of seeing something normal like “Mental Musings”, “Vacation in Venice” or even “Joe’s Blog, it reads “Site Title”. No. Seriously. I have counted no less than ten followers who have absolutely gorgeous blogs, but unbelievably, they don’t realize that the title of their blog displays this way.

About Page

  “This is an about page. You can use it to tell a little bit more about yourself. Yes, reader, that’s what I see I many of your about pages. This needs to change”.

And, the geekiest looking one of all (and the most common)

“This is a text widget”

People, I could go on and on, but the point is, it’s obvious that many fine bloggers are making these mistakes. The heartbreaking thing is, none of this is necessary with just some simple blogging knowledge.

In my blogging manual “Blogging made better” I go into great detail on how to format and organize your blog, so that it looks great. You can learn more here

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