Why you Procrastinate



The Main reason you procrastinate is:

You don’t really want to do it

or, you don’t want to do it bad bad enough to do what it takes

Okay, this is obvious; I even spoke about it in last month’s post: People don’t procrastinate doing things that they really want to do, and we all get that. But what are the reasons for this? Let’s get specific:

You are scared

Yes, that’s the main reason people procrastinate. Fear. To be sure, some people procrastinate out of apathy. Or maybe, they aren’t really procrastinating. Some people just act like they are going to do something someday, when they really have no intention of doing it. But what I’d like to talk about in this particular post is those of us who really WOULD like to see something through, and we know that it’s what we want. But for some reason, we hold back.

Why would we do that? Why would we not charge forward to that thing that we know we want?

I think the answer is very simple: we go where our sweet spot is. If we felt good about doing it, we would. But sometimes, even though in our hearts, we know we would love to see something accomplished, there is something holding us back. And usually, for most of us, it’s fear. Fear of, of what? Well maybe the fear is:

  • Of not completing the task
  • Of not doing a good enough job
  • Of receiving criticism
  • Of the unknown
  • Of the opinion of others
  • Of people
  • Of pressure
  • Of commitment
  • Of doing the task
  • Something else involved in the process of doing it

I realize that there are many ways and reasons of procrastinating and that fear is just one of them. Still, it’s too big of a reason not to devote a post to.

Now, if none of these seem to be the reason, yet for some reason,  you feel fear when proceeding with your New Year’s resolution or any task, hang on—

Next week, I’ll be talking about a hidden fear that avoids detection, and how to move forward.

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