Online Business Checklist

The other day, I was chatting with someone about the basics of online businesses.

I was amazed at what this person thought you had to have in order to sell online.

Absolutely none of what they thought they must have was even necessary to begin their online business.

Here are some of the misconceptions I have heard other business owners say that they must have in order to take their business online:

  1. A website.  Virtually every new business owner I have ever spoken with things it’s impossible to sell online without a website. That’s not true.
  2. A domain name

Would you believe that you can sell online without owning a domain name? And you can even sell on your own website without buying a domain name.

3.  A webhosting company. Nope. Not mandatory.

    4.“A list. You have to have a list. The money’s in the list”.

(and when I ask them what they mean, they can’t even tell me).

More than anything, I find that when it comes to marketing a product online, new people are convinced that they best way to do it is the way that everyone else has been doing it.

There is a pervasive belief that one must know




How to network

and even basic coding skills in order to get anywhere “on the web”.

Yet every day, I meet marketers who aren’t implementing even half of these things, yet they are making money.

Now. Here’s the truth: all of these things are helpful, if they are done in the right order, in the right way, and at the right time. And they may not all be needed.

But what most new marketers (and a whole lot of full time marketers) do, is, they get a whole bunch of internet marketing ebooks,  on a whole lot of different approaches, and they head out in all directions. It’s kind of like someone who dumps five boxes of puzzle pieces from five diffrent puzzles, all over the card table, and then, they try to figure out the big picture.

The only problem is, they don’t have a singular picture, or strategy, that they are working toward.

In my internet marketing program, I do a “clean sweep” of all of this, and take you back to the basics. I tell you

how to fill in the gaps

how to realign some things

how to get your business structurally ready for success on the web and

I teach you how to make money immediately.

No, I didn’t say, I teach you how to get rich overnight. (aren’t you done with that, yet?)

But, you will learn

how to position yourself as an expert online

how to make sure you are in the proper niche and selling the right product

how to begin a blog and/or make your blog shine

SEO that doesn’t bite you with Google dropping you from the rankings.

Ethical marketing techniques THAT WORK.

So. If you are tired of the nonsense that all of these random affiliate programs provide,

or if you just want to work with ONE box of pieces that will give you a real picture of real, sustainable success

Get on board.



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