Affiliate, I misjudged you.

You actually do have a niche of your own… you sell TO your own!

yes, it’s true, you all have a sub-culture of marketing madness that you all are a part of. You all buy one another’s stuff, try one another’s stuff and promote one another’s stuff.

Heck, you probably even make money doing this.

There’s only one problem I foresee….don’t you think this bubble of mutual promotion and over hype is going to burst someday?

Don’t you think that someday people are going to wake up and get tired of the hype?

Yes! They are. But by the time they wake up, they will have bought at least 52 products that aren’t enough to teach them how to be a sustainable business.

They will be hooked by you,  on buying more affiliate stuff to sell to more people who sell to more people…

…bUT  thiNK, think, affiliate…didn’t you buy your first affiliate product to show you how to build a sustainable business?

Or were you just jumping on any wheel out there that would make you money?

Continue on with  the “Dear Affiliate” letters


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