Is this year going to be your best year?

Well, here it is, the end of January, and many of you responded to my posts on New Year’s Resolutions.

We discussed the importance of remembering that a New year’s resolution is just something that you resolve to do within a year.

So hopefully, you are still hanging in there with your goal.

But now, today, I want to talk about something bigger and deeper.

Deeper than meeting several goals.

And more profound then establishing a couple good habits.

Today, I would like to get your focus on to making this your best year ever.

Reader, what would it take to make this your best year ever?

Will you need to spend more time on Search optimization?

Will it require you working on the content of your website?

The truth is, it’s impossible for you to know what direction to go in if you don’t have a real strategy for your website and business.

I’m not talking about an internet marketing tutorial. Or an ebook. Most of you are so far beyond that.

No, what you need is an intricate roadmap of your next step.

You desparately need for someone to tell you the next step to take to get to your final destination

to tell you if you are on the right path right now

and even to tell you if the place you think you want to go is the wrong place, because there is no pot of gold at the end.

I heard a true story of a missionary who became a prisoner of war.
He tells that for years he was forced to turn this handle in his cell that was attached to the wall.

The whole time he was there, he worked VERY HARD at turning that handle…because, he’d been told that it was attached to a mill grinder.
And he really believed that the harder he worked, the sooner he would get out.

And guess what? When they finally released him, they showed him the other side of the cell. And guess what was attached to that handle?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He’d been cranking a dead handle.

Now how about you? Do you even know what the results are to your efforts?

You can get a look at the other side of that wall if you are brave enough.

You can have your own personal road map of where you want your business to go.

And here’s the good news…it’s not a cookie cutter class. And it’s not a pricey mentorship class (yes, I have those).

It’s your own personal road map.

It’s custom created, no template drop and drag advice. I take a full week to review you and your business, if that much is needed. I send you a road map of your business complete with flow chart, directions, and a priorities list. Each map is completely unique to you.

I hold nothing back while I let you know what to do when and where, in which season.

And if I need more clarification on your situation, I call or email you for more details. I want to make sure that your road map is simply the best it can be, so that you can have the best year ever.

I answer all questions promptly, and my ear is always open to your questions.
Note: this is not a mentorship program, it’s a roadmap. So I can’t tell you ever step of the way what to do. I’m not guiding you every single day. I’m just giving you the map. If you are having trouble reading the map, or if your situation radically changes, I won’t leave you out there to die.

You have to be mature enough at marketing, or at least smart enough to follow directions, for this to work for you.

I will be calling you in one week if I think your situation requires some hands on that a phone call can take care of.

But usually, the road map is all people need.


Is the roadmap right for your situation?

Let’s find out.


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