Writing for your audience

“Hey, blogger, do I …know you?”


When you write a blog, it is so important that you write just as though you were talking to your reader as a person, not a single mass of humans.

Here’s what I mean: have you ever been on the web and found yourself reading a blog that went something like this:

Search engine optimization.

What is search engine optimization?

Well, search engine optimization is who search engines rank your website. They optimize it. For the search engines.

Another word for Search engine optimization is SEO. Seo stand for search engine optimization.

Okay, other than sounding choppy, did you notice how you had to trip over the word “Search engine Optimization” , like, half a dozen times; and you still had to scan for any info. And the info that you got was something you got already!

Content like this cheapens the web, and is annoying. It is super easy to tell at a glance that these bloggers are NOT interested in content, just in getting rankings.

For what? Ranking well so that others will click off your site? (see how THAT helps your rankings……

–No, a better way is to write to your audience.

What most bloggers don’t know.

One thing that a whole lot of bloggers don’t understand is how their rankings are affected by how long people stay on their site.

So let me explain:

When you optimize to the search engines to the point of sacrificing the user experience, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

All of those keywords help your blog rise in the rankings, but everyone clicks off within seconds.

And that will cause your rankings to plummet.

A better way to get rankings is just to write naturally. No one believes this, but it really is the best way to get rankings.

How do I know? Because I’ve done seo. No, reader, I mean I have DONE SEO. Diligently. Thoroughly. I even have an Seo business. And if I told you how well I’ve done on some keywords, you probably wouldn’t believe me. Or think I was bragging. Or be…jealous.

Or, more likely, you would try to emulate my strategies. So here it is (this is for all of you who have found my blog through the search engines).

The very best thing you can do for your blog is to write naturally.

Hode it, hode it (that’s how my kids used to say it) I know what you’re thinking (yes, reader, it’s true…I read minds). No seriously,  I do know that advice like that seems so mamby pam, pie in the sky fake.  It s sounds like something that your competitor would say, to steer you wrong.

But you aren’t my competitor.  You are my partner. Because, if you keep making the web look cruddy by posting SEO rich, content poor dribble, it makes all of us look bad.

Look, you’ve tried everything else.

How about this one?

For one month, instead of using all of the SEO trick, tips and gadget you can think of , how about just writing naturally?

I’m not saying that you can’t push keywords in your copy, in your title, or on you tags. But how about this experiment: for one full month, just write like you talk. And then, let me know how it works for you

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