Building Rapport through Blogging

You know you need to do it. Everyone tells you it’s not optional. The research overwhelming supports it’s effectiveness

“Sue, what are you trying to say?”

Listen. I just want to drive this home. I wanted to get your attention.

Reader, you  need to build rapport with your audience.

You need to pull back the curtain of your heart and let it rip.

You need to…take off your masks and be transparent!

But reader.  Let me ask you…don’t you feel vulnerable when you do that?

And doesn’t it seem counter-intuitive?

After all, you want to seem professional. And you don’t want to be every body’s good old buddy, because you know why you are blogging…you are blogging for your business, not to get all of the “hi fives” that you can.

And also, you know that you need to be taken seriously.

One of the best things you can do in order to build rapport, without revealing too much information, is just to share with the readers some of the challenges that you have experienced in your business.

Even if you run a professional blog, with quality, high-info content, you still need to have that element of the human touch. No matter what anyone tells you, I am here to set the record straight:

People read blogs to find out about other people.

Yes, it’s true; your reader is specifically reading your BLOG (not website), because they want to get their question answered through the lens of human experience.

This is where so many bloggers miss it.

It’snot easy knowing the difference between  coming across as a professional and  being perceived as…austere.

In my ebook, “Building rapport through your blog” I show you how to connect with your reader in a way that:

Positions you as an expert…without coming across as arrogant

Draws empathy from the reader…without making you look week, but rather, approachable

Teaches you how to use your blog as a barometer of your target market, so that you can speak to them more effectively.

It’s all right here


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