Motivational Monday|Authority in the Home

There is something called “authority” that is not really recognized today.
Authority is just the same as “having a right” to something.
When you have authority over your children, that just means that you understand your rights as a parent. You have the right to expect your children to mind you.

When you “exercise authority” you walk in your authority. You “take authority” not necessarily through punishment, or coercion, but many times, just by making it plain to your kids, “I’m the parent.” If you have children, you may find that often times, they are just waiting on you to “lay down the law” and to walk in the authority, as in “I’m the parent, and I know it”

I have found that with my own kids, that sometimes, merely voicing my position with them is enough to get them to snap back to order. I don’t need to yell or threaten. In fact, I sometimes think that parents who do this have just forgotten that they have authority, and are yelling and threatening as though they don’t.

Good bosses, don’t have to yell and commandeer their crews around. They have a good relationship with their team and in return, the team respects them. They WANT to please the boss.

Authority can often be misinterpereted by those who abuse it. Just as a police officers authority only extends as far as the law allows, a parents authority only goes as far as the law of respect allows.

When you don’t respect your children, they may obey you, but it will be a rebellious type of rebellion. That’s because, obedience without relationship, is rebellion. I think that might have been how the first archangel conducted himself in heaven. I think he might have obeyed out of duty…which in turn, led to large scale rebellion.

Parent, have you won the battle, but lost the war? Do your children serve you out of love and respect, or out of dread, terror or anger…?


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