Personality Thursday|The quiz

home-16personalitiesWhat do Tarot Cards, Crystal balls, and palm readers all cash in on? Answer: the overwhelming desire in people to have someone tell them who they are.

I used to an astrologer, until I read in the Bible what God had to say about it. Actually, I made a small side income doing detailed astronomical charts for people.

One of the things that the adversary of my soul really confused me with was some of the unrefutable trends I found with certain people born in certain months.

The fallen angel was with our Creator before he was cast out, and he did have some knowledge. Actually, it is incomplete knowledge. Astrology tells you that you are “born that way”, you are barney bad bleep because you were born late in the fall (there’s that word again).

But the devil doesn’t take into account one basic fact of Christianity….that is, the power of the cross to change people.

When people ask me “what’s your sign” I tell them I was born under the sign of the cross.

I’m still interested in knowing what makes people tick, but with the perspective that with God, all things (including self-control) are possible.

This is without a doubt the most spot on personality quiz I have ever found. I don’t get any commission for sharing this with you. It’s a free personality test. I am curious to know what your personality type is, so come back and put it in the comment box.


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