Why I don’t do affiliate Marketing

I suppose it would be a good idea if I prefaced this article by saying, I do not currently do affiliate marketing, but I am OPEN to it, if any one of you affiliates could sell me (pun intended) on the idea.

So far, no one has taken the challenge.

Disclaimer: I say it bold, it comes across as cold. Please, super affiliate (as in, super smart) know that I’m crazy about you…and try to read with an open mind

Second disclaimer: if you do happen to be an affiliate who says, “Oh, I’m not one of THOSE affiliates, then please: convince me and tell me how you do it right.
Alright. Here’s my beef with affiliate marketing

1. Hype. Oh, come on affiliates, let me lay it on you…newbies will always fall for affiliate marketing. But you, don’t you feel sort of bad taking advantage of the stars in their eyes?
I personally think that they only way to do affiliate marketing and to sleep at night would be to unplug your conscience. You may make money off someone’s fluff product, selling it to someone else, who now has, well, a garbage product that they now have to unload upon someone else. Listen. I know all about this. I paid thousands of dollars once for a networking opportunity that left me dumped by my director and floundering. Penniless.

2. The violiation of the Golden rule. You wouldn’t want someone to screw you over. And just because someone has, doesn’t mean you should do it to someone else.

3. The competition. As in, it’s fierce.

4. The dilution factor. We see this all of the time, don’t we? A great product gets passed around from hand to hand until no one is interested. It’s sort of like…well, like prostitution.

“Men may date women like that, but they’ll never marry them”.  You might get some sales, but when you are always raving about the newest thing to your fan base, the WOW factor loses it’s appeal. “Hey, Jimmy, I got a hot little number here, man, she the real deal. Check her out”. But maybe Jimmy’s been burned all ready, by the marketing equivalent of aids.  Jimmy wants a program that is faithful. Faithful to be what he really needs. Faithful to tell him the truth about himself, not crap like “Oh, Jimmy, you are the man!! But ten more ebooks from me”.

And, sorry to get in your face and on your toes.
I really am not judging you, but you all do the same hype and game and I know that everyone of you is capable of being SO MUCH MORE creative than that.

But what else can I do, Sue?

Isn’t this the way it’s suppossed to be?

Everybody else is doing it (such a mature approach)

No, no way, you are better that that. All of you are way to smart to follow the herd. Most of you are super savvy at this stuff.

Here’s a super real idea… be my competitor. Write your own material. And tell the truth.

Care to comment?

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