The Value of “the bonus”

This article is about the value of your bonus, or “super-sizing” your product. Once upon a time, I witnessed a young teen-age boy eating a Big Mac.

Um, believe me, he didn’t need it (and I’m not being mean here). None the less, there the young man was, gorging himself on 1000 unneeded calories.

People were gasping as they watched this 13 year old obese boy eat a sandwhich that (back then) was typically only eaten by (and marketed to ) people who might have been called Big Mac…like truck drivers.

This was back (as in, wayyyy back) when the Big Mac was just becoming popular. Up until this point, there was… the lowly hamburger. Oh, and , the  Quarter Pounder.

But as more and more people became accustomed to this excess, it soon became standard for most Americans to “super size” it…as in more is better.

This went on for several years until one day, someone (really) made a better burger. And they called it, simply, Back Yard burgers.

If you have ever eaten a back yard burger (as in, made in your own backyard), then you know the vast difference between eating a frozen, reheated disc and one made with fresh meat and homegrown tomatoes.

What took a chain like this so long to present itself? I believe the answer is:

The Big Marketing lie.

Here it is… “My product has to be cheaper than everyone else’s, in order to sell.”

Marketer, is that what you believe? If you do, than you are believing a lie.

The truth is, people WILL pay more for your quality product, yes, even a digital product.

But it has to be fresh, relevant, and most of all QUALITY.

So forget about “super sizing” your product with a bunch of cheap irrelevant bonuses.

And forget about selling your ebook or plastic disc for $15.

Cause when you do, that spells, and smells….cheap.

I know what your thinking. YOu think that everyone is looking for a bargain. And I bet that’s what every gourmet burger chain thought when they started up. “No one will pay what it costs to produce this”.

And you know, in the beginning, when McDonalds just came out, they were right. But over time people got tired of the same old same old.

I’m not going to lie to you…people from other countries go CRAZY over the Mickey Dee burgers, when they hit American soil.

And computer newbies swoon with delight when they see their first hyped-up. get rich quick sales copy.

But over time, everyone gets tired of it (arent you??) And hungry. Hungry for quality.

If you know that your program or product is only a $15 product, then I don’t encourage you to raise your price.

Instead, make your digital product the best it can be. And then, charge what it’s really worth.


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