Make every page a lead magnet

That was the advice I got from one of my consultants (yes, it’s really true…internet marketing consultants also hire…internet marketing consultants to help them help others). Anyway, this guy was adamant that I needed to make every single page a lead magnet.  I really fought that advice because I had seen it done wrong. Way wrong.

Here’s how most people to it. Page title, blah blah recycled content, (never meaty, always dull and not more than a paragraph). Which brings me to this point…placing a lead magnet on a page is only good advice if that particular post is worth placing a lead magnet on. Not all are.

I think it’s a good idea to have some pages that don’t hit you up for a cash product, but it’s acceptable to have free info signups in between your product pitches. That’s what lead magnets are: quality info which you give in exchange for your visitors contact information. The idea is, you will get their email address, send them your newsletter, pdf file, special report or other lead magnet, along with an invitation to check out your product…again.

But this gets old, if you just sound like a parrot, begging them to buy this time since they didn’t last time, etcetera, ad nauseam. No, what you want to do, instead, is to demonstrate knowledge. For example, if you sell auto body parts online, you could offer a free PDF of a tuneup checklist. And at the end of the checklist, offer a  link to an online promo code which they can use to get a discount off of their next tuneup. See how that works? The offer is related to what they are interested in, and so is the information.  The point here is, relevancy.  You must provide a lead magnet which is something informative and useful and which has an incentive for them to buy your product.

If you would like to learn more about lead magnets, check out my  online book, “Lead magnets made easy:. It’s all right here


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