Why your site needs content marketing

Content is the life blood of your site. When you provide content to your customers, you want it to be content that is really relevant to what they are interested in. A lot of people don’t know that if you put a lot of meaty, relevant content on your website, people will stick around longer, even if they have no intention of buying. But here’s the thing– maybe they’ll start thinking about making a purchase. Or maybe not. It might not be the right time. Or they might not be that “into” your product. Or they might find a better deal. But here’s what’s happening==if you scratch an itch they have, if you:

answer a question

solve a problem or

provide any kind of really useful information, they will stay. And the longer your visitor stays, the greater the chance that they will return. And the more they keep coming around and checking you out, the higher the chance is that they will one day buy…but not always. But here’s the deal; sometimes, they will tell someone else about your product. Or they may share your post on their blog. Or provie a link to your article. The truth is, usually, they will buy…eventually. And even if they don’t, their extended stay is helping your rankings (yea, that matters with Google).

So. Don’t be shy… and go ahead and post some great articles on your site. And when YOU are ready, check out my ecourse.

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