Marketer, what is an internet marketer?

A lot of people want to make money at internet marketing, but what does that mean? When people use the term “internet marketing (or digital marketing, web marketing, online marketing, etc.) they could mean many different things.
They could be talking about

Affiliate Marketing
Content Marketing
Drop shipping
or even (gasp!) selling online. As in, actually selling something, a thing, a product…online. It’s the last definition here that concerns me; not because I don’t believe in selling online, but rather, I’m concerned because SO FEW PEOPLE even think about selling online when they think of making money online

It has been my experience that most people who read my website are primarily interested in affiliate marketing. In case you don’t know, affiliate marketing is just a way of making money whereby you direct your visitor to someone else’s website, who IS actually selling something. The “beauty” (yah…) of this is that supposedly, you are going to save SO MUCH MONEY on overhead; that is, expenses like inventory, shop space, wholesale purchasing, business licenses, etc, by simply pushing your visitors to someone else’s website, and getting a commission for the sale. Commission. As in, what salespeople get paid. So now, you aren’t aren’t a business owner, affiliate. Stay with me, reader: it’s bubble bursting time. Can we bust some bubbles in fairy land today?

I know you work hard…MAN do you pump it with your biz (er, I mean….opporutnity? Landing page? Copy write script?) But PLEASE PLEASE listen affiliate…. you are THEIR salesman!

Everyday, you take chances…will this ad draw clicks…will this lead capture page draw traffic. How many backlinks can I buy with this service? Will they increase my rankings? How much time can I spend CHECKING my rankings. on and on. And for what, affiliate? For THEM> for the person who is raking it in from all of their affiliates. Affiliate, I’m sure you know, some places won’t even cut you a check for your commissions, unless you hit a certain $ amount. SAy WhATTTT? Do you know any other industry that screws people over like this? Can you really trust a platform like that to send you any commissions ever? And how would you know if they didn’t?

Affiliate, if you’ve boughten the lie that affiliate marketing is the horn of plenty, then you OWE it to yourself to read my series, the affiliate letters.



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