How to Get testimonials for your product

“Word of Mouth”….still the best form of advertisement

A lot of you want to know how to get testimonials for your product even if you haven’t sold anything yet. I guess the most obvious way you could do this is to lie. Yes, we see it all of the time; someone makes up a testimonial and signs it “Fred from Alabama”. Or, even more credibly, “Fred D. from Alabama”. Wow. I’m convinced, how ’bout you?  The truth is, when you make up a testimonial, others can feel it.

I once read a series of testimonials from someone who lived in the U.S.  They made up various testimonials from around the globe. It was looking okay until I got to the testimonial from a supposed customer in the U.K. It went like this. “Joe’s internet marketing course is the best in the industry. Period.”  Immediately, viewers commented. “They don’t say the phrase ‘period’ in the UK, liar…they say ‘full stop'”.   Poor Joe! He probably wasn’t trying to be bad by lying. He was just….desperate.

If you don’t want your made-up testimonials backfiring on you, but you don’t have anyone to recommend you yet, then volunteer your product or services.  Give your stuff away, especially your internet marketing services, to an agency or someone who is struggling.  Afterwards, when they are gushing, ask them if they would mind sharing those comments online. Direct them to a “testimonial” page on your site, and then let them tell the world.

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