Digital Marketers

Are you a digital marketer? What I mean is, do you sell a digital product, like tutorials or info books? If you do, I want to ask you a question: are you happy with your product? Are you proud of your product? Do you think your product is all that it can be?  Because is you don’t, then it’s time to believe in your product.

How do you that? Well, you ask yourself. And you’re honest

“Is my product all that it can be?”  What I mean is, are you offering enough meaty value with your product that if you paid what you are charging for a similar product from someone else, would you be impressed?

In my new ebook, “How toWrite a Great informational product” I talk all about this.

I discuss how to know if your customer is getting real value for what they order

I answer common questions like

“How do I price my product”?

What if my customer doesn’t like it?

“Should I offer my product to everyone”?

“How much should I divulge about my product’s content when I advertise it”?

“How much instruction should I offer without insulting my customer’s intelligence”?

“How do I know if the customer REALLY GETS what I am teaching”?

“I want to be sure that my customer is getting their money’s worth”.

“How do I encourage positive reviews of my product”?

I answer all of these questions and more in my upcoming tutorial, “How to Sell a Great Infromational product.”

It is set for release on September 1st, but I’m not accepting everyone.

Sign up here for the details

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