How to do SEO

The first question to ask is, why.  “Why do I want to do SEO for my website”? Your answer will tell you your strategy.

“I want to do SEO for my website because I want to dominate the Search Engines”.

Okay, I get that. But…why? Why do you want to dominate the search engines?
“I want to do SEO because I’m suppossed to”.
Okay…but why? Why are you “supposed” to.

“I want to do SEO because it’s just part of good web design”.
“I want to do SEO to draw traffic to my website”.

There are other ways to draw traffic besides SEO.


No, it’s really true. You can absolutely draw traffic to your website even if you don’t have meta-tags or an optimized url.

Now right now, I’m sure I’ve lost most of you. You probably just don’t believe that without having SOME seo you are ever going to be able to get anyone to see your website. But, now, think about this. What if you ordered a set of business cards with your url on it, and passed them out. Would that get you traffic?

If you told all your friends about your website,  do you think they might hang around longer than someone who was “surfing” the web? as in, skimming the waves of every site they found?

See, a lot people want to dominate the web for reasons that don’t prmote their end result

“I want to be high in the search rankings so others will go “oh, wow, you are number one on Google!”
Um, oh kay…..
“I want to be high in the search rankings so that my competitors will drool”.
Keep going…
“I want to be humber one on Google so that everyone will call me and ask to advertise on my site”.

But that’s not the right reason.  You can be number one on Google and have zero traffic. Not for very long, mind you, but it can happen. Lots of people rank number one on Google for about three days. But when no one likes what they see, their rankings drop like a rock.

It isn’t enough to have a great set of tags and categories.

And it isn’t enough to have a properly optimized url and even 5000 backlinks. Because if your website isn’t natural, people won’t stick around. And that will drop you in the rankings.

So then. Can your website indeed rise in the rankings if you merely write naturally. Yes. There is one way you can rise in the rankings if you do this “one weird tip” no really it’s not weird at all, it’s just that no one is doing it.

It’s called writing naturally

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