What to ask yourself before writing an informational product

Find out what you know

“Do I really have superior information on this”?

“If I don’t, can I at least gather a more complete collection of basic info on this, which would provide value”?

“What is my information really worth? Could someone find it somewhere else for a lot less, or at better quality”?

Find out what you can learn

“Is it possible for me to find out more about this topic
than the average person knows?

“What would such knowledge require…sharing information with others in my field? Going back to school? Independent research? Personal experience?

“Do I have the time and resources needed to write the best informational product possible? Or should I maybe find a better topic I am more knowledgable about”?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Notice that none of them asked, “does anyone need this knowledge”.  That’s because, on the internet, there is almost nothing that people don’t want to know about. A better question might be, “Is this a topic that anyone would be willing to pay to learn more about”.  Yet I hesitate to mention even this question because it is possible to build interest in a topic…even a subject which readers don’t typically show an interest in.

Your main concern should be whether you have, or can gain, sufficient knowledge in your topic which can provide a real education for your student.

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