How to write SEO that doesn’t sound forced or Cheesy

SEO is short for search engine optimization!!


The good thing about SEO is that it helps you optimize your site for the search engines. SEO and the term “search engines” are used interchangeably to explain how to optimize your site, or website, for the search engines.

Reader, did I just drive you crazy with that intro? Probably. Because that is a classic example of an article created for the Search Engines and NOT for the reader.

We all know why they do it; I’m talking about these cheeseball writers. They do it because they THINK they have to, or they won’t rank. They do it because they have bought the lie that you have to sacrifice spontaneity for the almighty “rank factor”.

But reader, they believe a lie! I know you think you have to write like this or you will never rank. It’s not true reader! I’ve ranked for a variety of terms that are so awesome, you probably wouldn’t believe me if I revealed them. And I did it without sacrificing quality for search terms.

It’s really true, and I talk all about it in my ebook “SEO Made Easy”.  It’s on a beginning level, but the advice you get is so non conventional, I’m sure you’ll get something out of it even if you are an SEO Rock star.

Here’s the other thing: You can’t order it online. You have to order it through the mail. NO WAY am I putting this golden formula in “pirate me fast” PDF form– you have to request it via snail mail.

This is the kind of program you order if you want to be seen in the search engines fairly quickly, without getting banned from Google, and without wading through mounds of fluff that does nothing but confuse you.

Order today and you should have it in your hands within 17 days.  Send your money order to Susan Melin at PO Box 295 Independence MO 64050. Cost is $1000

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