Your Business Plan| How to Get one

If you spend your days piddlying, but getting nothing accomplished, then it’s time for an action plan.  My internet marketing blueprint shows you step by step what you need to do,  at each step in your business, to get good success.

Here’s what it includes:

I. A discovery session where you and I discuss your goals and what you have to work with. This is not the same as the mandatory pre-application form. No, we dive deep during the discovery phase. I found out exactly what you are looking to achieve and I critically evaluate many factors before making any recommendations. Next we launch into

2. The Brainstorming phase.  Using the info provided, I go to work analyzing  and reviewing your different options. After extensive research, I present to you my best suggestions and/or plan and together, we determine what will or won’t work based on many elements such as your comfort level and time needed to reach each goal. After this, I present you with

3. The Business plan. You review it and then we fine tune any minor quirks. I let you know frankly if I think your final decision on what is a go, will work quickly and well. But the ultimate game plan is something that YOU own, because we work on it together.

It’s like consulting on steroids

Finally, I present you with printed and/or  hard copies of various “stay on track’ sheets to chart your progress, along with vigorous flow charts to refer to with each anticipated outcome of your work. You also get a bonus final consultation within 3 weeks, just to make sure it’s working okay.

By submitting this application, you agree that if you are approved, and decide to sign up, you are committed to your business and to working on the plan set before you in your blueprint.

Thanks! Your application will be processed within 72 hours after receiving a non refundable deposit.  You will receive notice of your applications approval status by phone or email. The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE, no exceptions so don’t sign up if you can’t afford it to lose it.

Non refundable deposit for “Internet Marketing Blueprint”

By submitting payment, you are making a non refundable deposit for the "Internet Marketing Blueprint" which includes a review of your business plan and business advice. By paying for this deposit, you are not paying for the actual program,nor are you making a payment toward it. This transaction is for a non-refundable deposit. This payment will NOT be refunded in the event that your application is denied.




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