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Did you ever find a great article online that was so inspiring, informative, or awesome that you just wanted to tell the world?

If you aren’t a marketer, you may spend your days sharing funny blog posts on your FaceBook page; or uploading other’s material to your chatty blog.

But now, if you’re a marketer, you probably conserve your time for more important things such as content or ad creation or starting your next new affiliate launch.

The truth is, most marketers don’t spend time sharing one another’s product, because they don’t see how they will benefit personally.

I mean, let’s get real here…if you aren’t being relational about your marketing, if cultivating online friendships isn’t part of your bottom line, then chances are, you will find things like sharing content to be a waste of time.

The truth is, when you share other’s content, you are entering into a potential symbiotic relationship where suddenly, others want to share your content in turn.

Another reason it helps to share content is that when you do,  you are building content on your website.  And while you don’t want to do this all the time, done selectively, sharing content does help your bottom line because sharing builds traffic as well as relationships, hopefully increasing viewership which results in sales.

I talk all about this in my bonus section of my eCourse Blogging Basics.  The bonus is titled  “How to share others content (and why would you even want to )”  but guess what? It’s  your turn to receive something for free      (remember, the title of this is post is all about sharing).

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