An open letter to marketing consultants

One of the hardest things to do as Marketing Consultant is to let clients walk away because they don’t want to believe the truth.

If you are a marketing consultant, you have probably experienced this. Client x insists that they

are on the right path

have the winning product

own the coolest website ever.

Nothing you tell them changes their mind.

And now you have a choice.

How you handle this choice will determine your future.

It will affect your business, and your soul.

Those who make the wrong choice here, rarely return to the clear side.

“Every lawyer, at least once in every case, feels himself crossing a line that he doesn’t really mean to cross. It just happens, and if you cross it enough times it disappears forever. And then you’re nothing but another lawyer joke. Just another shark in the dirty water.”
MATT DAMON, representing the true life story of Rudy Baylor in “The Rain Maker”

In case you don’t know,the Rain Maker is a movie about a young attorney who’s been offered a chance to represent the vicitim of insurance fraud. It’s his very first case. After bumbling through the legal system while learning it in real time, Baylor wins the case for his client. He has trashed this huge insurance agency(true story,by the way). Baylor’s a hero! He has proven himself…and he will never be hungry again.

Except…for one thing; his integrity. He knows himself. And he has seen and felt “the line”.

Will he always tell the truth? Will he always be fair? Will he ever cross the line? He just doesn’t think he can do it.

When given a choice between keeping your character or your client, always choose your character….tell the truth

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