Blogging Basics


Have you ever been on a blog that seemed simply awesome, until you realized, it had no posts? Or maybe the post it did have, read, “This is a blog post. To edit me….” \My favorite is that cheezy tag line that WordPress puts on your title by default “this website is the bees knees”. I don’t know how many websites I’ve seen (including some older ones of mine that are unedited) which look fabulous, but have that “bees’ knees” tagline (howl). It’s so hysterical when you make a great blog with sidebars and java script, only to look at it..REALly look at it…two months later, and find something like this:

bees knees

I imagine there may be a website that could make a tagline like that work. If you look closely, this clothing website has the tag line, “This Boutique is the Bees Knees”. When I browsed their site, it did actually seem to be the kind of store that worked with that style of tagline.  I thought it was adorable.

The original saying “That’s the bee’s knees” is actually a slang phrase way back when, so I would guess not many people use it any more. I also found out, it is the name of a mixed drink. Whether or not others know this without searching on Google, I have no idea. Still, if that’s not the image you want, you may want to replace it. Obviously, WordPress is hoping that when you see the tagline, you will cringe and change it. Sadly, most blog master don’t notice this when creating their blog.

I can not tell you how many blue chip quality blogs I have seen, with hundreds of viewers, that have this embarrassing gap, so if you just noticed your blog has this issue, take heart.

Perhaps you’re like me; youmay have burnt through blog tutorials that try to show you how to make your blog, dance, rock and shine.

But most of them don’t really show you how to get the basics down so that you have an attractive, organized, professional looking blog. So many of you have real promise in your blog. I can tell you are creative and intelligent, and have designed skills. But just like someone in a gorgeous outfit with their zipper open, you have….well, I have to whisper it because it’s embarrasing (gaps, okay)?   What are friends for, right?

In my e-course, “Blogging Basics” I take you back, back… back…. to the starting line where good blogs begin.  I’m talking about ground zero, from the tagline to the footers and everything in between.

In it, I show you step by step  how to make a blog you can really be proud of, without wondering what you left out.

When you finish this course, I want your mantra to be:

No  Ugly Blogs (and no boring ones either).

Having a blog that is complete, with no awkward gaps is not enough. Your blog needs substance and style. I show you how to create a blog that talks to your readers and speaks their language. Generous screen shots show you how to post great images and how to get your front page to look “just right” while following best practices for web design and navigation.

We do talk about themes and fonts, but the truth is, the fundamentals of a good blog are so much more than great blog design; of course you want to make sure that you have a menu that is easy to navigate, with no embarrassing gaps. And having a nicely designed blog is great as well. Still, even the jazziest interface and graphics on the planet can not compensate for the lack of this one thing


So what is content? Well, it could be articles, but it could also be eye candy. Like graphics, diagrams, and even videos.  Content doesn’t just have to inform. It can also entertain. And inspire. Content is just anything that your site “contains”.  It’s the content of your website. Which is not to say that you shouldn’t have a lot of meaty articles on your blog. If you dread writing, love writing, or want to know more about the mechanics of great writing, I break it all down for you step by step so you aren’t shooting in the dark when you write. You’ll learn all about connecting with your reader and keeping them engaged, and how to write fresh, meaty content EVERY DAY (really!) without getting burnt out.  Even if you detest writing, or don’t think you can, I’ve got you covered

In “Blogging Basics”, I show you how to prevent embarrassing gaps, design your website head to toe, and yes, even how to write compelling, sharp content.

But this is not some offer where you whip out your credit card, copy my download, and cancel your order. Nope, we’re not doing that game. This is good, good stuff, and I now it.

So how can you access it? I send you a link once you’re money order is processed.

The cost? $150.

Send money order to:

Susan Melin

PO Box 295

Independence, MO. 64050


2 thoughts on “Blogging Basics

  1. Sure. E-commerce owners would learn how to write compelling content for their readers that would grab their attention and keep them coming back to the website. Hope that helps.


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