Organic Seo, or Pay Per Click?

What’s better, organic search, or pay per click?

Advantages Disadvantages
Organic Search Free, wrong tactics could get your site penalized from Google. Time consuming, can be more competitive than Pay Per Click. Ranking generally takes longer
Pay Per Click If you have enough money, and and a general education in Pay Per Click, you can rank very quickly Can be expensive if done incorrectly, steep learning curve


As you can see, ranking on the search engines is a matter of time and money—it just depends what you have the most of.

It’s also worth nothing, whether you do pay per click, or organic SEO, both of them require at least a general education if you are going to be successful

I do not do Pay Per click training, or account management at present.

My specialty is organic search and I only take on accounts that I know I can manage well.

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If you have the budget, and are looking to get into the SERPS (search engine page results) fairly quickly, then I can connect you with some members of my team who can assist you.

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Personality Thursday


This month, we’ve been looking at different personality types.

Last Thursday, we talked about how to deal with the person who never talks (we call them, “Turtle Rock”).

Today, we are talking about a completely different type of personality…this person who talks a LOT but in a different way.

Turtle Rock may say volumes by their silence, but the whiner type says a lot with their tone…usually a muffled, high pitched and possibly nasal tone (though, of course, there are more baritone types like Snuffleupagus, and Eeore).

The whiner will generally begin by complaining. Actually, it’s almost always some voicing of discontent.

They are persistently negative and displeased. Sometime they even sound helpless. Hopeless, and pitiful.

After time, they begin to sound almost like a mosquito. It is very hard to ignore, or tune out, the whining of a mosquito. It demands your attention, through it’s piercing tone.

It begins as a slow buzzing and progresses to a full pitched…Whine!

Here’s how to stop it.

First, you need to know that the whiner is not a happy person.

Their mood is set on the “it’s never going to get better” wavelength. I mean, they just live there.

And it’s not completely their fault (don’t worry, I am not about to enable them here).

What I mean is, they have probably either heard negative messages or lived in a negative situation for so long, that it is hard for them to think that things will ever better.

Did you know that neurologists ran brain scans of persistently negative people and they found that they all had a large gray mass in their brains, a cloud if you will. And the more negative the individual became, the larger that mass would grow. That dark cloud will literally feed on negativity to the point where, left unchecked, the patient would have a knee-jerk, pessimistic reaction to each situation.

Life and or training really did have a lot to do with their perspective.

Try not to judge them or minimize their discomfort, even if you think they are just plain picky (and many of them are).

Neurology really does have something to do with their attitude.

There are some things you can do to help them through:

First, change their track! Negative people are on a loop of self defeating thought processes. Their brain is literally conditioned to see life in the negative lane. Knock them off that track of thinking and into a positive lane!

The next time someone begins complaining about you personally (I’m talking about a chronic complainer, not someone calling you out on a clear screw-up of yours), respond to them by saying, “Did I do anything right?” You’d be amazed at how stunned they will become by this question. It literally forces their brain off of the negative track and requires them to think of a positive.

Plus, it sort of wakes them up to how negative they are  being.

If someone is complaining about the weather, the boss, the economy, ask them something like “What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?”

Only the worst complainers will say “nothing”.

Stay solution minded. If someone is always pointing out what is wrong, ask them if they think it is just a dead end. Ask them if they think there is no hope for the problem. Then candidly ask them if they would be open to a solution or if they don’t think anything can possibly, miraculously in a hundred years ever be done about it.

You don’t need to be sarcastic (though polite, selective teasing may work with some); but…DO get them to stop and brainstorm if there is every going to be any possible solution to the situation or if it’s hopeless. I mean, you need to dialogue with them, not write them off as… hopeless (which, when you think about it, would kind of make you like…. them?  Hmmmmmmm……).

How to Delegate your time each day

How to Delegate your time each day

Decide what needs to be done

Decide what order it needs to be done in

Determine if there is anyone capable of doing these tasks instead of yourself

Sometimes it may not be immediately apparent that a task can be turned over to someone else. This is especially true if you have been doing it yourself for a long time.
It’s also possible that someone on your team is more than capable, if you’d just give them a chance. So take some time this morning and think of who might be able to complete that task.

Assign the appropriate task to the appropriate person

While anyone on your time might be able to perform a certain task, all of us have strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself, who would be best at completing this?

Don’t do anything that you can delegate. If there is someone else available to delegate the task to, then do so.

This is the hardest step! Most managers like to do it all, but good management is just that—managing; as in, managing your people as they do the work.

If you struggle with delegating, remind yourself that you are a supervisor, and that your job is to delegate work and to supervise it’s completion.

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How to Sell anything on the internet

Part one of my special report,

“How to avoid the internet-marketing trap”

How to


Make Money Online

I.Preventing Distractions.

A. Avoiding Information overload.Even “free” information becomes wearisome, when it’s no info at all!. Most teaser newsletters are mere snippets of info, nuggets of unrelated knowledge that clog your inbox. To really learn about something, you need to

really learn about it!,

and get real training. On that note, avoid buying every training manual out there before you can afford it. Get all the knowledge you can, but when you do make sure

1)it is knowledge you need
2)it is knowledge you can afford.

B. Avoid “Shiny Gadget Syndrome”In the beginning, you need to be extremely selective about the tools you buy. This is where most newbies get sucked in and go “belly-up” financially. There seems to be a persistent myth in the online world that some ultra-simple formula exists to make you cash over night.

Here is the simple truth:

The vast majority of internet marketers make their money by selling get rich quick plans

Why is this so successful? Because we want to believe it. Oh, people, be very very leary of people who tell you that you can make money hand over fist by doing a b and c. There are a whole lot of steps between a and b, and even more between b and c.
Even this manual is only an outline

Before you buy any program promising to make you money, make sure that you can afford them, and that they are what you really need.

Make sure that what you are purchasing is significant to your specific purpose.
And make sure that you are never “in the hole” when you purchase any online tools or training. Don’t go into debt trying to make money. That’s just dumb. Instead, buy what you need, one tool at a time.

Now, knowing just what to do first, what to buy or what service to pay for, and in what order to do it is the key to really making money.

To start doing that immediately, sign up for my internet marketing course. In it, I’ll show you exactly what to do to begin making money immediately, and when to begin critical tasks, while waiting on others.

If you want to see the whole marketing broth cook beautifully, you don’t just need the right ingredients; you also need to know how to put it all together. Right temperatures. When to stir, to add, to turn up the heat. I show you all of this. It’s sort of like Julia Child showing a batchelor how to make thanksgiving dinner. Even if he can’t boil water.

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Part II of How to sell anything on the internet–avoiding the internet marketing trap

The Biggest Mistake in Online Marketing

The biggest mistake in online marketing

We’ve all heard about the person who thought that they were on the right road, only to realize, miles later, that they had taken a wrong turn.

I would like to tell you that that’s what happens to most online marketer’s. Oh, if only it were that simple.

Instead, the parable that most closely describes the average online marketer is not as simple as that. It’s more like someone who got on a wrong boat and not only did they get on the wrong boat but they were headed in the wrong direction.

No wait. It’s more like someone who picked the wrong destination for what they were looking for.

See, most marketer focus on the wrong thing entirely. And some of them don’t even know what they are looking for.

The end goal in online marketing is to make a profit. It’s not to get “likes” on facebook, it’s not to get number one on Google. It’s not even to have a great website. And it’s not even to make sales, because if you sell a product that cost more in advertising than you make in sales, then you haven’t made a profit.

Everything you do online has one goal in mind….the profit you make.

I’m not saying that ethics aren’t important. And I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t pick an industry that can help people. But at the end of the day, you need to ask yourself…is this going to make me any real money?

If what you are doing online isn’t making you any money, then it could be that you are in the wrong industry selling the wrong product. Or, it could just be that you are marketing it all wrong.

In my internet marketing program, I show you how to make money. Yes, we have a game plan. And yes, the program is relational in nature, meaning you care about people and you don’t burn them.

But that’s not what my students are looking for…they are looking for how to make real money online.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn.

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