Internet Marketing|How to be a Good Manager

What every employee wants from their Boss

You’re safe to come to because:

  • You care
  • You don’t have some pet rock in your corner whom you prize above other employees
  • Youll believe me
  • You want what’s best for me

I Believe You’re Fair Because:

  • You reward progress
  • You reward effort
  • You reward honesty

I am pretty sure that You can be trusted and that:

  • You aren’t setting me up to be a fall guy
  • You don’t hold me to a different standard than bootlickers

You practice what you preach:

  • You have a strong work ethic of your own
  • You are honest
  • You treat me exactly as you would want to be treated in my sitution


Conclusion: My future is important to you

how to get referrals

If you sell a product online, and you want to have your customers send you other customers, you can do this serveral ways.

  1. Ask. It never hurts to ask and many times, if you simply ask your customer, “Do you know anyone who might need our services?” they will tell you some friends they know who want what you have.  This is the most basic and classic way of getting referrals and it’s completely appropriate in most businesses and situations.
  2. Reward. Offering an actual cash amount to those who bring you paying customers is a surefire way to get a response.
  3. Incentives. Make it easy on your customer to invite their friends to look at your product–offer each referral a discount. You can even provide your customer with a link to a downloadable coupon they can give their friend. Couple this with option number two, and it’s a win/win for both of them!

Are you looking for ways to promote your product or service? My e-course “How to Sell anything Online shows you how.

How to get testimonials



Start Here

Pick your product or Service

Create a platform to promote your product on

Enable a payment gateway to collect payments online.

Continue developing your platform. Make it the Highest Quality Platform that you can

Ensure that traffic is coming to your product or offer

Present your product in the best possible light

Continue to drive quality traffic to your website

Take good care of your customers and visitors.

Did I miss I step? Not a major one, for if you do all of these things, in the right order, and do them well, eventually you will succeed online.

I think we all know, doing each of these steps really, really well is going to require more than one page of instruction.

In my ecourse “How to sell Anything Online”,  I show you all of these steps in step by step fashion, with plenty of substeps in between. You’ll learn exactly what it takes to get your business online and make sales.

Here’s how it happens:


The Hopeful Marketer

Ah, sweet, innocent marketer newbie….how I long to protect you from the sharks, crocodiles and barracudas.

Here are the big five to watch for

  1. Paid Surveys
  2. “Work from Home” opportunies
  3. MLM
  4. Dropship sites
  5. Get rich quick schemes

I’d also mention “affiliate programs” but, alas, there are those readers who might wish me harm if I told you the truth about most affiliate programs (a lot of internet marketers do affiliate marketing). So, instead, I’ll tell you exactly what I tell them.

The very best way to make money online is by selling your own product. I’m talking about a product which you personally are in possession of. I’m not even talking about dropshipping, though that can work. Mainly though, what I am referring to when I talk about making money online, is offering your product or service to people.

The Step Child Syndrome.

When two people create a blended family, there should be a phenomenan which takes place called “owning” the child. This is  common even in adoptions; it’s when the person adopting the child suddenly has a desire to own the child as being completely theirs. And obviously, most adoptive parents do th is. Unless one of the parents isn’t really interested, and is just going along with the other parent. In which case you now have a case of “the step child syndrome”. Actually, I should call it the unwanted step child syndrome because some parents do love their step children. However, even so, many step parents who love their step children, haven’t yet “owned” them, for in their heart, they know that as long as the other parent is with them, in a committed relationship, then they will be committed to their child. What will happen to that affection if a  divorce happens? Will the step parent still love the child? Will he or she commit to raising that child?

In affiliate marketing, you are that step parent. The product does not really belong to you, so it’s hard to get as committed to it as you would your own product. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fine affiliate marketing site which promotes the affiliate product in an honoring way. It just means that at the end of the day, you know that if that product isn’t making you much moolah, you are down the road to the next product.

Bonding doesn’t happen…much….with affiliates.

But now, here’s the beauty of owning your own product. You own it. It’s yours. It’s your business, your service, your deal. You are committed. Here’s what that means, affiliate…you will spend time on it and it alone and whether you believe this or not, all of that focused energy on YOUR product is creating layers of impact over time.

It’s not a “get rich quick” game. It’s a wealth building strategy.

My Daily Strategy

Each day, I have a strategy that I use. It never changes, it’s always the same. I get up,  get a cup of coffe, feed my cat, and then I take out a piece of paper. I fold it into 12 sections. In eachs section, I have 12 categories. They are always the same.

  1. Spiritual
  2. Business
  3. Health
  4. Education (not mine, my children’s…I’m homeschooling them through the summer until next school year).
  5. Food (deserving of its own category, given the impact it makes.)
  6. Hobbies/skills
  7. Ministries
  8. Money
  9. House
  10. Kid 1
  11. Kid 2
  12. Kid 3

These categories do of course overlap occassionally, but so what? The point is, when I review these categories each day, I’m forced to really see what needs to be done. And I write the three top things I need to do in each category.

I do this planning while I pray and read the Bible. I mean, I totally bring God into the entire day, and pray over each element. I spend one full hour doing all of these things at once (pray, read, plan).  And then, I listen. He talks to me. I moan, cry, lose it, and….He talks to me some more. And then, I listen some more. Maybe He says something like, “your middle one is bored. Or the oldest one, you need to make her get out today, just make her. Or, the youngest one needs to apologize, don’t let that slide. Or the husband? Let it go. Let him take care of the bills and just don’t ask this time. he’s got it. You don’t think God can communicate like that? I assure you, He can. But it’s deep inside, and you just need to get on that frequency. so.  But here’s the thing–He doesn’t just want to do this with your personal life….He wants to do this with your business. Look, you’ve tried everything about tuning into God and hearing what He has to say about your online business? How does one tune their spiritual antennae in to hear the nuance of the Spirit? It starts with a relationship with Him. You simply ask Him to go into your heart and life. And that starts with having the real, genuine, only Higher Power