How to Create a Dynasty


Inside of every internet marketer is a desire to set the world on fire by being a trail-blazer and a game changer.  Internet marketing is the buzz word that screams, money, success, and power. Most people see within internet marketing the potential to put a product in front of the masses, and  to pull in sales like a money-making, automated wealth machine.

And all of these things are true. The problem is, no one is being shown what it really takes to create a dynasty.

Here’s what it takes: time. Yes, I know that all of the internet marketers out there, the ones who sell to other marketers, they aren’t mentioning this, but it really is true; being successful takes time. Especially if you want to be very successful. When you hear anyone tell you that you can make money hand over fist with very little effort, just do this:

untrustworthy, lying, business man fingers crossed

assume they are lying to you.

In my book “How to Sell Anything Online” I show you step  by step what it takes to become an internet marketing success. I don’t mislead you with promises of overnight wealth, or instant web domination. I’m real. I break it down to you step by step. You’ll see how to start at the very beginning and end up with a truly profitable business online. Check it out.

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Make every page a lead magnet (not, and backpedal)

Do you see this reader? This is a piece of “humble pie”. It’s what great marketers eat when they have to withdraw, analyze, and admit…um…that  didn’t work so well.

“Make every page a lead magnet” is what the guy over at lead pages advised his readers to do. I have to admit, I ate this guy’s material up like corn on the cob at first. His product was excellent (and no, I’m not pitching him, because I don’t do affiliate marketing). But his website was well put together, and I personally thought his whole sales funnel was par excellant ( or however the french would croon about it). I liked it, okay? It resonnated with me. He had his ducks in a row. So I figured, “this guy must know” and I followed his advice.

Here’s what I have concluded…making every page a lead magnet may work in some cases…but when you are an internet marketer, it can be disastrous, in my experience. Here’s why;

As an internet marketer, you know that you are constantly looking for great information== the best of the best. . .truth distilled and concentrated into an  elixir that will bring you the kind of intense success that you need in this machivellian field called internet marketing. I’m just getting real with my collegues here about what we all want…we ALL want to dominate.

And so what happens is, if you are pitching to other internet marketers, they see this “sign up” thing at the bottom of every page, and it gets kind of old, because, as a fellow marketer, they see what you are doing, and they get turned off by it.

Now, I instantly saw how fruitless this would be, but I wasn’t ready to quit this guy’s advice…not yet. So what I did instead was this.  I made every page a lead magnet for every topic under ths sun, to avoid repetition.

And now, that actually did work for me, because I am a writing machine, I mean, I love to write, it’s natural. But if you aren’t a natural writer, then that won’t work for you.

Maybe a better solution to all of this would be, put a lead magnet on, say, every fourth post. And for goodness sakes, do make your post more than a paragraph!

Here it is, guys…if people like what you are writing about, the truth really is, they will find your product. If you write wonderfully they will scout all over  your pages looking for it..”How does this person make their money? Their writing is great!”.

So put a few lead magnets on your site….make them ocassional, and vary them, but don’t kill yourself making tons of whitepages and downloads. And be sure to put a “products” page up.

How to REALLY sell on the internet….Demonstrating Knowledge

If you want to make that sell, every time, then you just have to do this for your reader:  demonstrate knowledge. And I don’t mean talk about what you know==if you want to convince the reader that you have what they need, then you need to actually demonstrate for them something that will profit them.

So here’s a good example; there was this guy on linkedin who had this miniature tutorial on how to rank on linked in. He just gave this info away in a post. He didn’t tease everyone with some sign up inbox spam deal. He just flat out told everyone how to do it.

And guess what? I took his free advice and it worked. I ranked. And bought his product. Right then. Why? Because he effectively demonstrated his knowledge.

If you want people to buy your informational product, advice book, or gadget, then you need to give everyone something RIGHT NOW that will help them. Something that they can do online in a separate tab. Or some tutorial that tells them exactly how to do something that they really need to know. And make it free. And yes, I get it, you really don’t want to give away THAT juicy tidbit, because it’s a big one. But if you will, they’ll trust you…and buy from you.


Affiliate Detox|How to Sell anything Online

When students sign up for my internet marketing consulting, I generally need at least three sessions to detoxify them from the “merits” of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate, are you making great money? Because if you are, and if you are ethical, then I am 100% pro-affiliate marketing.

But. If you have to put up “recommendations” that are really just biased reviews (which is almost always true, unless you liked the product before you became an affiliate), or, if you find yourself recommending one product over another on your “review” site because the commissions are highter (rather than the product you are “reviewing” really being better), then guess what? You really aren’t operating in integrity; you are just making a  buck and calling it a review.

What’s worse is, you probably are NOT getting paid much at all due to the fierce competition in the market (and the time it takes to make money).

And here’s the thing I always stress to my students who are affiliates;  You are not selling anything. You don’t really have a business. And when I tell them this, there is this look. It looks something like this: You are just a negative person who doesn’t get it.

And when I get that look, I just want to shake them and say, “no, Joe (Sam or Sarah). YOU just don’t get it; you could be making SO much more money selling your own items on line.

And then, they just don’t believe me. Which is why affiliates have to pay a higher price for my consulting serives

a. They take longer to convince

b. I have to clean up their online reputation and

c. When they invest enough in my consulting, then they HAVE to listen to what I tell them.

And that’s the only way I will do business with an affiliate.


How to hook your reader

Reader, are you struggling with keeping your reader engaged? Do you find it difficult to get your followers to keep following your blog? If you think that your readership is suffering, and you are running out of juice for blog posts, than its time to learn how to build rapport through blogging.

Smart business owners know that people are twice as likely to buy if they like you. And there’s almost no surer way to get a following of people to like you than to get followers on your blog. But how is that done?

In my four part mini series “Building Rapport Through Blogging” I’ll show you how to:

  • Connect with your reader by sharing your struggles
  • Garner empathy by pulling back the curtain of your soul
  • Speak your reader’s language

And you’ll learn how to do all of this without coming across as cheesy or unprofessional.

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level?