How Blogging helps your business



woman-blogging-at-homeWhen you have a dynamic, engaging blog, it helps you get get an online “following” of people who are interested in what you are.

As you use different forms of reader-engagement on your blog, your blog helps you get the pulse of your target market.

Using a blog gives you a platform to promote your product from. Many people who might never find your website will find you on your blog. It’s a great way to get traffic to your business website.

Hey, does your business have a blog yet? If you are struggling to develop an online following, my new tutorial, “Blogging made better” will show you what you need to know to start, develop and maintain a successful blog.
Here’s a sample overview:

How to get started in blogging

  • Creating your blog
  • Finding the right theme for your blog
  • What’s the best template to use on your blog

What to write on your blog

How to write in a natural style that causes your reader to engage with you

Comments, pingbacks and how they help you.

Getting started with newsletters

Creating a blog that is a “lead collection” machine

  • Getting found “on the web”
  • Best content for your sign up page
  • Tweaking your contact form

I show you how to do all of this with no webhosting fees, no domain names and no blogging experience what so ever.
You’ll learn what you need to know to get more eyes on your blog, to write content that draws the right kind of people, and how to get and maintain a hungry vortex of interested prospects. It’s all right here on “Blogging Made Better”