How to Write Great Newsletters (that actually get read)!

Let’s face it…most “news” letters are boring, thinly veiled sales pitches that clog up our inbox.

How do they get us to do it? These companies that force us into subscribing to their junk, just so we can get a free bonus? And then they never send us any real content.

I think it’s time to change the landscape of newsletters, which is why I’ve created the mini series, “How to Write Newsletters that Actually Get read”.

If you think that newsletters are a very poor ways of capturing leads, you’re right! Most people WON”T sign up for your newsletter…if you ineffectively present the offer.

In my three part mini series, you’ll learn:

  • The right and wrong way to ask your reader to sign up for your newsletter
  • How to gain the confidence of your reader so that they not only trust you, but can’t wait to see what your newsletter says!
  • What to write about in your newsletter, so that your reader will think your newsletter has value.
  • How to write your own mini series that keeps your reader coming back to your website or product…again and again!

This is a digital product, and due to the competitive nature of the industry (and the immense potential for pirating) it is NON refundable.

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