How to Write Newsletters that get read

You always hear that your blog or website needs a great lead magnet. But what is that? Well, a lead magnet is just a piece of quality information that you send your reader in exchange for their e-mail address.

And a lead magnet doesn’t have to be a newsletter;  a good lead magnet can consist of:

  • White Papers
  • Special reports
  • PDF downloads
  • Mini-series
  • And so much more.

The problem is, when you only offer these one-time lead magnets, you lose your prospect, unless they buy. Let me explain:

If your prospect signs up for a mini-series, then you have four or five days to convince them that your product is worth buying.

That’s it.

And if you want to keep them “in your loop”, then you have to get them to sign up for another lead magnet.

But. If you have a newsletter, they are always in your loop — as long as they don’t unsubscribe.

So then; how do you you keep your customer interested in your  Newsletter?

Simple. You write a newsletter that’s compelling. Dynamic. And full of fresh daily content.

Did you really hear me say daily content? As in, every day? Yes!  And when  you order my mini-series “How to Write a better Newsletter” I’ll show you

  1. How to have an endless supply of fresh quality content, that keeps your visitor coming back to your blog or website
  2. The right way to get sign ups and how to turn them into loyal fans
  3. The right way to “pitch” your product without sounding like a slimy info-mercial.

Hey, we all know that eventually you are going to have to present the “opportunity’ or whatever it is that you have to offer. I show you how to present what you have in a way that leaves your customer wanting more.

If you are tired of prospects hitting the “unsubscribe” button, or even if you’ve never written a newsletter in your life, then you need to try my three-part mini-series.

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