Learning Curve or Cliff

Some people approach internet marketing naively, like the ancients who thought the world was flat. Always afraid they will fall off the cliff, they naively assume they have reached the ends of the internet world, and have learned it all. Others, like true pioneers, set out to learn it all from coast to coast only to realize, they could never travel the internet world in a day week or month to really learn it all.
I see both groups lying broken by the road. The first group (the “flat earth” people) wondering why they keep going around in circles. The second group (the over achievers) realizing, they can never trek the entire marketing glove in a decade, so why learn anything?
It is the intent of this internet marketing program to show you where your “sweet spot” is so that you can begin taking ground in the right market, and utilizing and expanding on the knowledge that you have.


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