When internet marketing success seems unattainable.

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping to get different results.

Now, I suppose that wouldn’t be true if you knew that your repetition was going to bring you results. For example; if you can’t lift 100 pounds, but you lift up twenty pounds every day, one day, you should easily be able to up that by ten extra pounds. Sometimes the search engines work that way…you have a sleeper website, but your visitors come by in a trickle. After five years, it hits a point where Google recognizes you, and pushes you up to the fifth page. And then maybe you get excited and try a few things that work. And you get to the third page on Google. And six months later, a couple people visit you, so Google bumps you up to second page. And it’s tough. Five years later, you get a few sign ups for your newsletter, but you are, after all, on the second page of Google–for a long tail search term. Woo hoo don’t you feel good! You tell all your friends you have ranked on Google, but now it’s been years since you started your website and no one is buying. What is this called? It’s called insanity. No, not your diligence, no, not your belief, but your plan. As in, you don’t have one. Guess what, head knocker…you could be my best student. You don’t know how to quit. Now, it’s time to bump heads with the best minds out there…my team.

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How to Get off of the internet marketing hamster wheel.

Reader, do you ever get the feeling that you are doing the same thing, but not seeing results?

There’s  a story of a man who was in a prison camp, and he kept turning a crank that was attached to the wall. His captors told him that it was his job to grind wheat, and that if he did it long enough and hard enough, he’d eventually earn his release.

After the war, his emmancipation came. His rescuers took him to the other side of the cell and there he saw it….the crank had NOTHING attached to it. His whole time in captivity, all of his labor was for nothing. Nothing!

The man was very disheartened to realize that all of his labor had been in vain.

But had it? Do you think that having something to do helped hime to cope? I do. And alot of you are like that too. You spend hours working on dead end tasks, checking likes, and gaining followers, and it feels good. But at the end of the day, you need to ask yourself:

What’s on the other side?

All internet marketers need to ask themselves this question: Is what I’m doing making me any money.

Will it eventually be making money

And if so, when.

You desperately need the answers to these question. Otherwise, you are turning a dead crank.


How to Motivate Yourself

One of the fundamental problems with procrastination is, you generally don’t have anyone alongside of you grinding their spur in your side; you have to get yourownself going.

Most procrastinators I know of are people who don’t govern themselves well, and resent others trying to.

But not all unmotivated people are procrastinators. If you generally DO complete your tasks on time, but are having trouble in one certain area, here are some tips to get you “unstuck”

Write the vision and make it plain.

Write down your overall vision. What is the end goal here? What is the mission statement for this series of tasks or goal. Clearly define what the end result is for all of your to do lists. Polish, edit, clarify and refine until you have a glowing mission statement for your company, family, or whatever project this task falls in. Then, after looking at the bigger picture, ask yourself

Do I really have to do this?

A whole lot of very organized people I have known will beat themselves up over something like (gasp!) dust bunnies under the guest room bed. Seriously? That’s it?
Yes, there are ultra organized people who get depressed if ever single thing is not done, even if it’s not critical. Something in their organized mind knows, they may never have enough time to get around to that non-essential, thus, their depression. If you think that perfectionism mindset describes you, try reminding yourself that leaving non-critical tasks undone, hurts no one. Then burn that chore card—tell youself it’s okay if you never get around to that for the rest of your life, because it really is.

I hate this task.

Is this a truly necessary task? Again, if you hate it, but it’s not critical or even quite important, would it make more sense just to not do it?

Okay. Obviously, the quality of our businesses depend upon us tending to details. But if this detail truly makes your business shine ask yourself question number one again…does it have to be you? Are you the only one who can do this task? Will the company turn to dust if your hands aren’t on every part of this project? If so, go to question three.
But if you have to do it, say, you need to work with an unpleasant client, or address an unpleasant situation, can you have someone share part of the burden with you? Maybe you can enlist the support of a team member to go with you to that termination meeting. That gnarly employee turns your stomache to knots and you hate confrontation. If so, maybe you can ask your feisty assistant to accompany you.

Can I delegate this task?

So much of internet marketing involves details and duldrum duties. Marketer, don’t lose your mind doing it all. Make a list today of every unpleasant marketing task and then hire or trade services if at all possible. Even if you can’t delegate all of it, farm out what you can, and oversee the team’s progress.

Can I do this project in stages?

When you break a project down into miniature goals, you have a much better chance of completing it. After your project becomes five miniature projects, do the next step

Give your project a deadline.

And don’t just give the end result a deadline, but rather, give every stage of your project a  deadline. This is where almost everyone misses it. Sit down and write out every single project and sub project from buying the paint to measuring the windows. Give yourself a time  limit for how long you will spend looking for office furniture. How much time you will spend looking for an employee. Maybe you know you can’t set aside enough interview time to do it well. So you’ll have to use an agency. My point is, when you set a deadline for a flow chart of tasks, you force yourself to come up with solutions to dead ends.

I do this every   single day with my business and it really gets the checklists done.

Try it and see.


I’m Backkkkkk

Oh, my  gosh….readers. Readers! How have you been? What have I missed? Where do I start?  Do you all still love me? Have you almost unfollowed me?

On easter morning I drove in an ice storm to take my very sick daughter out of our home. I’ve been in the fight for my life keeping us all together as my husband stayed behind and worked on the toxic mold level in the basement. It was terrifying.

That’s the short version of the story.

Since then, I’ve been struggling to keep my home, family and marriage together.

I am finally back home, but reluctant to bring the kids back untl I am one thousand percent sure the mold problem is erradicated forever.

Please be patient with me as I may take longer in posting. I have not checked my notifications AT ALL since I left in April.

I appreciate all of the feedback I found waiting for me, and i appreciated all of you.

Thank you.

How to never fail.

Return to the womb.

Big boys can cry….they just can’t stop trying

Never give up.