How an ebook can help your business

Here is how writing an ebook helps your business.

    An ebook builds your credibility.

When you write an ebook, you can honestly say, with no deceit, that you have authored a book.

If you give out an ebook as a lead magnet, you let people know a little bit more about you and what you are all about.

Mini-ebooks (ebooks that are 25 pages or less), build rapport with your customer base

In my tutorial on Writing an ebook, I walk you through the steps needed to use your ebook build traffic to your business website.

You’ll learn how to write lead magnet, mini-series, and newsletters, along with how to write “the big one”.

If you have ever had trouble knowing what to say,  I help you find your voice and organize your material.

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HOW TO PULLLL A TURTLE OUT OF ITS SHELL,1330143193,5/stock-photo-a-cartoon-turtle-peeks-out-from-inside-his-shell-96013265.jpgYesterday, I talked about dealing with a personality type that is introverted to the point of  dysfunction.

Today I’m going to talk about some ways to pull that person out of their shell and hopefully get them to dialogue.

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that some personality types are not introverted, but simply disturbed. If you find that someone is creepy, or even scary, then I wouldn’t include them in these “draw you out” exercises.

But if you think you are dealing with a decent person who may be:

  • depressed
  • anxious
  • painfully shy

or someone who just needs a friend, then follow these tips.

Here is something I do when I know someone is an okay person, but they are just scared to talk. If I say, “How you doin’ today?” and they shrug, and turn away, then I say something like “I’m doing great today, Sue” as though I were doing the talking for them.

Almost always, they will smile and say at least two words.

Or, if I think they are shrugging because they are having a lousy day, I’ll say, “That good, huh?” And then, they either laugh or ignore me.

I want to add right now that not everyone who is quiet is introverted. Some people are just having a bad day. And some people are just suffering from an anxiety disorder.

I don’t think it’s my mission to cheer everyone up, or to make everyone talk who is quiet. But I do think that when you are working with someone, or you are interacting with them on  a daily basis, that it is reasonable to expect some sort of exchange in dialogue, albeit it simple, militaristic chit chat.

And I don’t think I am doing anyone a favor if I let them believe that it is social acceptable to not dialogue, at all, with their peers and co-workers. It is actually rude, it is bad manners, and it is even unprofessional to never do more than shrug or grunt.

So I think that giving people like this a free pass is not helping them…or society.

I have found, though, by having compassion on these people and gently working with them, I can usually win them over.

What are your thoughts? Are you an introvert? Are you an extrovert? How do you think this should be handled? I would love to hear your comments

And don’t forget to tune in next Thursday when I talk about handling bullies.



Relating with Difficult people


If you’ve been in business any length of time, you’ve most likely encountered one of these personality types.

The confrontational personality type

The Whiner

Turtle Rock

The Back Stabber

I’d like to address these personality types in greater detail, each Thursday.

Today I want to take some time to talk about what I consider to be one of the most difficult personality types to deal with and I call it, Turtle Rock.

Someone who is turtle rock may also be a whiner or a backstabber, to some degree, but primarily, they are just a really quiet, unassuming soul.

They almost never take the initiative in conversation unless they know you really well, are very amused, or are dealing with an emergency.

I find exceedingly quiet people to be very unnerving. Which is not to say that there aren’t some people with whom I am so comfortable that no dialogue is necessary…at times.

But when you  are interacting on a professional, working level with someone, or especially if you encounter that person every single day on the job, then it is just common courtesy for some basic, every day conversation to transpire.

Now, some quiet people are just really sweet people or are gentle giants. They have a peaceful, loving, accepting aura about them, where you know they care and they don’t need to say anything.

That is NOT what I’m talking about. I’m talking about turtle rock, not turtle dove…and there IS a difference.

Turtle Rock has a distinct vibe about them…. a churning, volatile, hold it in, think it but don’t dare say it energy to them that makes you want to slap them and say, “OK, already….what are you thinking? I know there’s a lot going on in there, care to share?”

Whereas, turtle dove just has a coo coo nuzzle all is well silence.

Even the six foot teddy bears.

There IS a difference. If you have ever worked with someone who seemed like a massive ball of nerves, tucked inside a quiet exterior, than you know what I mean. Some of these types seem like they are about to jump right out of their skin.

And the more you try to loosen them up, the more uncomfortable they become.

While I don’t claim to possess psychiatric skills, I do have a few insights I’ve gleaned over the years.

Here are some of the common denominators I have found

  1. Turtle dove in a glove–this is the person who wants to feel cocooned and sheltered, from all human interaction.  They don’t want to dialgue anymore than is necessary because they take great comfort in their own company. Turtle dove types normally are open to dialogue, and to listening. But this type of turtle rock is like a turtle dove in a glove. They are too wrapped up in themselves to come out of hiding. Whereas the turtle dove type will at least smile, nod and give you a polite loving grunt.
  2. Turtle Rock don’t want no mock (hey, it’s early in the morning as I right this, forgive the corny slogans). Turtle rock don’t want no mock has been hurt real bad, a whole lot of times. They’ve been chicken pecked on the social ladder, or experienced racism, group taunting, or discrimination/persecution of some kind. Some of these types even have a persecution complex, and seem suspicious of any kindness shown them. Show it anyone. Unless they act super paranoid.
  3. Turtle rock hanging on the dock. Okay, this type of person is just going through a crisis and they are in shell shock. Often times, if a normally talkative person becomes withdrawn and silent, they are just going through a really hard time.Or, they could be in number 2 mode, after being the subject of office gossip. In either case, give them some space but when the time is rights, say something like ” I notice you’ve beeen kind of quiet lately. If you ever need a friend to talk to, I’m here for you.”
  4. Turtle rock don’t need no glock. Okay, the name says it all. This type is just….creepy…and dangerous. They seem to be sinisterly silent, like someone from the set of “The Godfather”. Which may explain why they are the way they are. Steer clear.



How to Outshine the Competition

Bruce Wilkerson writes the following in his book: “The Dream Giver”

He defines what a “gimper” is, and how the definition of being a gimper changed his life;

“A  gimper isomeone who always does a little more than what’s required or expected. In the furniture business, for example, gimping is putting the finishing touches on the upholstery, patiently applying the ornamental extras that are a mark of quality and value”.


So, the question I want to ask you today is, Are you a “gimper?” Do you do the bare minimum in your business, or do you consistently take time to go above and beyond the competition?

Here are some ways you can shine in your industry

Customer service:

always be there for your customers. Don’t make them wait for a response if they contact you. If you use voice-mail, be sure to answer all requests with 24 hours, always. Two hours is a better response rate. Ten minutes or less is ideal. Why is getting back to your customers so important? It shows them honor. And if you are on of the few businesses who takes response time seriously, you will be a gimper.

Another way you can be a gimper is to regularly: get feedback from your audience. Rather than running test after test and paying for market research, determine what your customer wants by simply asking. When you make use of polls and surveys, you keep your pulse on the desire of your customer so you can better serve them.

Few business owners rely primarily on public demand for forming their business strategy. When you do, you’ll be a gimper.

Do you have any tips or tricks you use in your business to delight your customer? We’d love to hear about it in the comment section below!


How to get a website for your Business

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