Internet Marketing verses affiliate marketing

An internet marketer knows how to make something look good in the market place. It may include making other people’s items look good. That’s what affiliates do. They are paid to PROMOTE other people’s products. But listen, that is NOT the same as selling.

Yes, I do realize you may earn an affiliate fee for every person who buys…assuming they buy from you during the right time period, and don’t use a different computer the second (third or fourth) time they visit the product. But whenever you sell something, you have access to the information first hand on who bought your product. When you sell your own product, you don’t have to worry about being paid your commissions by a third party.

Affiliate, do you ever wonder if you are being ripped off by your third party company like commission junction or click bank? Have you ever asked yourself, “What would stop them from keeping my customer’s money, and sending them a pirated copy of my material?” I know….you trust your third party affiliate company. Since trust runs so freely amongst affiliates, let me encourage you to take a bold step of faith…let me ask you to consider selling your own stuff….and keeping more of the profits.

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Did you ever find a great article online that was so inspiring, informative, or awesome that you just wanted to tell the world?

If you aren’t a marketer, you may spend your days sharing funny blog posts on your FaceBook page; or uploading other’s material to your chatty blog.

But now, if you’re a marketer, you probably conserve your time for more important things such as content or ad creation or starting your next new affiliate launch.

The truth is, most marketers don’t spend time sharing one another’s product, because they don’t see how they will benefit personally.

I mean, let’s get real here…if you aren’t being relational about your marketing, if cultivating online friendships isn’t part of your bottom line, then chances are, you will find things like sharing content to be a waste of time.

The truth is, when you share other’s content, you are entering into a potential symbiotic relationship where suddenly, others want to share your content in turn.

Another reason it helps to share content is that when you do,  you are building content on your website.  And while you don’t want to do this all the time, done selectively, sharing content does help your bottom line because sharing builds traffic as well as relationships, hopefully increasing viewership which results in sales.

I talk all about this in my bonus section of my eCourse Blogging Basics.  The bonus is titled  “How to share others content (and why would you even want to )”  but guess what? It’s  your turn to receive something for free      (remember, the title of this is post is all about sharing).

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True Wealth

True Wealth is laying your head down at night, and knowing that when you die, you will wake up in glory with your maker.
You can have a personal relationship with the one who made you!
What in the world could be greater????
I get pretty disgusted when I see all of these get rich quick ads on how to be “successful” on the internet. It’s obvious the guy making the ad with dollar bills blowing on the screen is pretty greedy. Like, why would I trust him? He’s greedy. For MY money. He’d tell me anything to make a buck. Greedy people are like that.
Do you want to know how to get really rich right now?
Ask Jesus to come into your heart and life.
Repent of your sins. I mean, be real about it and stop playing around.
Is there a hell? Why take a chance.
Repent of your sins and ask Jesus to take control of your life.
Dear Jesus,
I am so sorry I have sinned. I believe that you died on the cross to take away my sins. Come into my life and save me.

Internet Marketing Program Review

Would you like an endorsement of your product? Do you think you have the greatest internet marketing program ever invented?  Then send it in for review. I’ll be posting my unbiased results online, so there are no guarantees I will recommend your product (at present, I don’t do paid endorsements).  If your product passes the mustard, I will be posting reviews of them to customers who ask for referrals (again, I don’t do referral fees, this is just a free referral for the best products).

As you all know, I don’t buy into every marketing strategy out there, but when I have people asking “What affiliate product should I promote”  (like, every client) it kind of makes them mad when I say…”well, none of them” cause I don’t DO affiliate marketing. Now I am open, that is, if any of you all out there have some affiliate product worth promoting, the cream of the crop, something great for newbies that actually does make money (for the average person), then I may have something I can recommend.

But I’m really hoping for regular internet marketing programs which you yourself use or have created.

So if you want a free, no strings attached review, now’s the time