The Biggest Mistake in Online Marketing

The biggest mistake in online marketing

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We’ve all heard the story about someone who thought that they were on the right road, only to realize, miles later, that they had taken a wrong turn…and were utterly lost.

I would like to tell you that that’s what happens to most online marketer’s. Oh, if only it were that simple. (read more)

The Natural Marketer

There is one approach that will always work in marketing. I’m about to tell you how to always have

  • great traffic
  • loyal “followers” on your blog or face book page
  • great rankings.

And the truth is, some of you may not believe it, because it is so counter intuitive to what we’ve been taught to do in marketing.

If you’ve ever heard that you need to have SEO coded into your site,

Or that you needed to have backlinks in order to rank well, then you are not following natural marketing practices. Those things can help, but if you think that those are the things that will make you successful, you are wrong. If you want some okay rankings some of the time, then go ahead and keep doing what you’re doing. But if you want to do really, really well on the internet, practice Natural Marketing.

Natural Marketing just involves being natural. In other words, you don’t

  1. compromise the style of your writing for the sake of SEO
  2. Backlink from questionable or Black Hat sites
  3. stuff your content and code with keywords
  4. follow what everyone else is doing doing wrong

A natural marketer

Writes from the heart, for her audience, not from some flim flam model for the sake of SEO.

A natural marketer thinks “what would my audience like to hear about today, ” instead of “What keyword should I try ranking for today”?

A natural marketer stays natural, because he or she knows that gaining readers does not solely depend upon search engine rankings.

A natural marketer knows that search engines reward quality content more than they reward rock-star quality SEO.

If any of the tactics you are doing are “unnatural” then you should grab a copy of my manual “the Natural Marketer”. In it, you’ll learn

  1. How to position yourself as an expert, without knowing a thing about SEO.
  2. How to get a crowd of followers without any social media accounts
  3. What the biggest lie in “traffic” is, and how to get it the natural way, with no games, fluff, manipulation, or nonsense
  4. Why the “rank well” crowd has it all wrong.

Learn step by step what it really takes to get people visiting your site, liking your posts, and following your blog.

Thanks! Your copy should arrive soon. In the meantime, add my website to your safe sender list.

“Internet Marketing Program”

When most people Google in “internet marketing program”, they are looking for a program that will teach them how to sell their product online.

And, they are looking to be successful.

If they have no money at all, they are looking for free information.

Dear reader, I so feel for you. Let me pull back the curtain and tell you what you are in for…..every time you sign up for free info, you are getting stuck on some marketer’s email list, who will most likely send you nothing but plug after plug, plea after plea, to buy his lame, info-less product.

He has no desire what so ever to tell you the truth or to see you succeed. He only wants your moolah.

Once he gets it, he will send you some marketing information, but never enough to complete the whole marketing puzzle. You may sense some truth to what he is saying, then spend a whole wad of cash, only to discover that he didn’t tell you enough to become successful at all, only enough to make you realize that you still need more marketing info.

I think it’s time for information marketers to drop the nonsense and start telling their people the truth.

Here it is: you are going to need a whole lot more than several $50 tutorials to pull you through the process. What you need is a real education. A system that is really a system; comprehensive, with your entire future in view.

One of the ironies of marketing education is, the newer you are, the more important it is to get a premium education. Think about it: if someone was illiterate, it would take more time and training in the beginning to teach them how to read, then it would to teach them how to teach themselves how to read even better. That’s because, once they had the fundamentals of reading down, they could understand how to read the next budget priced module.

In the beginning, you may not know enough to decipher that “who else wants to make a million dollars NOw!”internet marketing program, that tells you one tactic that worked for them. And they don’t bother telling you all of the fundamentals they had in place before they implemented that single “secret” (hmmph!) strategy of theirs.
It’s time that marketers start telling the truth!

It’s not enough to learn:

  • Afilliate marketing
  • email marketing
  • website design
  • search engine optimization
  • conversion techniques…in and of themselves

All of these elements need to work together. To really succeed at this, you need to learn the guts, the essence, the innards of each of these and then, more importantly, you need to be systematically shown how all of these things work together.

That’s called integrated marketing and it’s the only way to really be successful online.

Everyone’s been lying to you. Learn the truth about internet marketing and make some money….for real.



Digital Marketers

Are you a digital marketer? What I mean is, do you sell a digital product, like tutorials or info books? If you do, I want to ask you a question: are you happy with your product? Are you proud of your product? Do you think your product is all that it can be?  Because is you don’t, then it’s time to believe in your product.

How do you that? Well, you ask yourself. And you’re honest

“Is my product all that it can be?”  What I mean is, are you offering enough meaty value with your product that if you paid what you are charging for a similar product from someone else, would you be impressed?

In my new ebook, “How toWrite a Great informational product” I talk all about this.

I discuss how to know if your customer is getting real value for what they order

I answer common questions like

“How do I price my product”?

What if my customer doesn’t like it?

“Should I offer my product to everyone”?

“How much should I divulge about my product’s content when I advertise it”?

“How much instruction should I offer without insulting my customer’s intelligence”?

“How do I know if the customer REALLY GETS what I am teaching”?

“I want to be sure that my customer is getting their money’s worth”.

“How do I encourage positive reviews of my product”?

I answer all of these questions and more in my upcoming tutorial, “How to Sell a Great Infromational product.”

It is set for release on September 1st, but I’m not accepting everyone.

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