Writing for “likes”, and why it doesn’t work

Reader, did you ever post on article on your blog, and get a gazillion likes, but no sales? Or maybe you got some followers on Facebook, but none of them were your target market, meaning, no moolah came from your fame.

One of the hardest things to let go of in internet marketing is the dynamic of being a slave to “the rules”.

Here they are:

“If I just get enough likes, people will like my product”

The truth: people may be “liking” your post, because they are your competition, and they are hoping others will click on their thumbnail.

“If enough people comment on my article, it will show my readers that I’m legit”

Well, it might, unless your readers are primarily your competition, scoping out your site to see what is different from theirs before they leave a comment with a link to their site.

See, a lot (read: most) of thes suppossed rules are outdated or over-rated. They may work at getting you noticed, but not necessarily from customers.

Okay, we’ve talked about what doesn’t work, but what does work…as in, attracting buying customers.

Well, the first thing to do is to detox completely from everything, and I do mean ever y thing that you’ve been doing.

like, posting on facebook everyday and building back links.

The truth is, most of you are working WAY to hard at what you’re doing, essentially pushing rocks uphill all day.

When you do that, it’s no longer being an innovator, and entrepreneur or a thought leader. See, when you follow these cookie cutter templates, roadmaps to success and supposed rules, your just working a job, punching a time clock of mindless tasks—which may be what your were actually getting out of when you began this insternet marketing deal.

If you are tired of being a slave to your computer, then listen to some fresh wisdom on Internet marketing.

  1. Identify your goal. It should be, making money.
  2. Be clear on exactly HOW you are going to make money. This is your internet marketing strategy and it should be concise, like, ” I plan on making money by selling items online” or “My goal is to make money by being an affiliate” or ” I’m going to sell ad space on my content blog” Okay, now once you identify the WAY your are going to make money, you need to super, super super define the exact steps you are taking. For example, if you are going to be an affiliate, then you need to know how you are going to present your affiliate offer. Is it through links? Off your own website? Off your Facebook page? And then, pick just one avenue and give it all you’ve got. If you don’t get any results at all in a month, go on to another strategy.
  3. Be real with yourself….if you’ve been online for months and have sold nothing, you may need a new product, a new strategy or a new platform altogether. It doesn’t do you any good to live in denial if something isn’t working
  4. Finally, get a second set of eyes on your strategy. Mentorship is priceless, but be sure that the person who is giving you advice isn’t profiting from the “resources” that they refer you to. Find a mentor who will give you unbiased advice without profiting from referrals.

Blogging with Passion

The first most important thing for a blog


The second most important thing for a blog to be successful


The third most important thing for a blog to get noticed, read, and adored:


What is your blog probably lacking?

Well, probably passion. Unless,  you love what you blog about.

Reader, tell me something…do you love what you blog about?

Do you wake up in the morning excited about blogging, or do you dread it?

Do you blog  because you want to…I mean, you really really want to? Or do you blog because everyone else is, and someone told you that you, or your business, need to?

It’s time to get the passion back into your blog.

Listen, I know what it’s like to wake up in the morning and feel “bleck” when it comes to blogging. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

You just need a support system. An ally. Someone in the trenches with you.

Grab my daily inspiration and get some creative juices flowing.

Theres no charge, only feel good, hi five vibes in your inbox everysingle day.

Pitch-free. Nag free (okay, usually nag free, but hey, sometimes we all need a forceful nudge to keep blogging.

And I promise to keep it relevant and spam free.

Are you tired of surface scum in your inbox?

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Manipulation in Marketing

Reader, how many times have you looked at some marketing strategy that seemed to be making everyone else rich, but it made you uncomfortable?

Maybe it was the way that their ad had these huge red screaming letters shouting at you, or dollar bills blowing on the screen; and it just seemed… forced; cheesy; shady…

Did it feel right? because if it didn’t, that was your gut telling you, “beware”.

When you search around the net looking for a way to succeed online, you are going to find a bunch of people telling you that they did this, this and this and they were rich.

They are lying. Believe me.
Because, now think about it…if all they had to do was, that that and that, do you really think that they would be selling the “how to” of it for such a low price?

Internet Marketing is a vast field of knowledge and you aren’t going to learn it all overnight.

When you are ready to take internet marketing seriously, check out our mentoring program.

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Reasons Why you Procrastinate

We all do it.

But why? Why do we put off doing what we know we need to do?

Let’s cover the “why” and then the “how”.

5 Reasons why you procrastinate

Reason number one for procrastinating:

You don’t really want to do ittumblr_meyaq9it391refr1ho1_500

Let’s face it, sometimes a task is so gross, so gnarly, so time-consuming or so entirely complicated, that it just cramps our brain even to think about it. This is one of the reasons why some people shove the task to the back side of their brain…it’s just too painful to think about.


You want to do it, but you are overwhelmed

head slam

Yea, I think we’ve all been at this place. Overload is a key reason for putting things off, even when we know it’s important.



Procrastination reason number 3.


You don’t think it’s a big enough priority to do it now..

“Why do today what can be done tomorrow?”

Many procrastinators think this way. Unless their backside is in flames, they prefer to wait….and wait…and wait. The good news is, many of these midnight hour, crunch-time types actually work better under pressure (which is not very comforting to more rigid-personality type planners, but it works for them).

…or ever

Some people who are accused of procrastinating are not actually procrastinators. It’s just that, they have no intention of ever doing the task. But somehow, they know that society expects them to

Go back to school

Lose 10-pounds or even

Clean that top shelf

So to make people empathize with them, they join the ranks of “someday I’m going to” stop smoking, get rid of this old piece of furniture, or…whatever it may be. Probably, they are not bothered all that much with their habit, weight, or less than perfect lifestyle. But it makes them fit in to complain with the others and set resolutions they have no intention of reaching…or even trying to.

Reason number four:

Sometimes people procrastinate doing something, because they want attention…

We’ve all heard the story of the kid that misbehaves because they are being neglected by Mom and Dad. In relationships, some adults do this, because if their partner never had a complaint, they’d both never talk to one another.

…Or because, they resent having to do it.

This is not to say that the task is something that they dislike, or even that it is something that they wouldn’t cheerfully do, if weren’t for…the grudge. Yes that’s right, many heel-draggers consciously or subconsciously put off a task that they really don’t mind working on, just because they resent being told that they must do it. Sometimes the request is a reasonable one, but the person asked to do it, doesn’t think it’s fair. Or sometimes, the reason that the procrastinator won’t do the task, has nothing to do with resenting the task, but with driving the other person crazy….because of a long standing grudge that they have toward that person. That’s called Passive Aggression, and you can  learn more about that here

How about you; do you ever procrastinate? Would love to hear your comments!

When is FREE a bad thing

So many websites on the internet offer “freebies”. Free downloads, free gift offers, even free vacations.
When you sign up for something free, there is (almost) always a trade off.
Here’s a list of some of these freebies, and their reason for being free.

1. Free Samples.

We’ve all sampled free food at grocery stores with little to no “catch”.  But on the internet, or at trade shows, there is usually something they want in return.

Many places will want you to sign up for a free sample and most of the time, they will indeed send you something free. But along with that free certificate or voucher comes a catch: your information gets sold to third parties who will send you offers that you may, or may not want.

2. Free insurance quote.


Steer clear…if you really want a quote, you would do better to call several of the major insurance claim companies, unless you want insurance agents from EVERYWHERE calling you day and night.

3. Free email.

We all know about this, but what most of you don’t know is that many free email accounts have a clause in their “Privacy” (hmmph!) policy, that says they can show your emails to anyone they choose. It’s usually marketers who don’t know you personally and use your information for market research purposes. Harmless, probably unless you just happen to be one of those people who think that your personal emails should be… well,…personal

4. Free information.

This can be good or it can be a nightmare. Most people who send you free information are hoping to keep you “in their loop “ so that you will return to their website and think about buying their product. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will ever visit their website every again, once you get that free download; but they hope you will.

Well, that’s the innocent side. But the very, very invasive side to free information are the people who shamelessly sell your email address to third party vendors who flood your email with unsolicited offers.

It is illegal for anyone to sell your information without your permission, unless they specifically state in their “terms of service” or “privacy policy” that they may do just that. So read the fine print.

Do you have any crazy stories about not really free samples? Would love to hear your story or comments