Positioning Yourself For Greatness

Are you constantly wondering why you aren’t successful in business? It could be that you are self- sabotaging your own efforts due to  false belief systems.

Find out the subconscious dynamics that are limiting you when you order my e-book “Positioning Yourself for Greatness”.


In this easy to read manual, you’ll discover:

  • Why many Christians let a poverty mentality dominate their thinking
  • The roots of shame that many feel when experiencing the blessing, or claiming it
  • Why so many Christians have very little faith when it comes to believing for their financial soundness

And most importantly,

  • How to position yourself for greatness.

To claim your copy send a money order (not a check) for $30 to


600 S. Liberty St

Independence, MO 64050.

Please include your email address and phone number so that we can contact you if needed.