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Note: Due to certain upcoming changes with various internet services, I am updating my services and products to better serve my customers, and keep them on the cutting edge.

Effective 3/19/2019, I am only offering the internet market training program, “How to Sell Anything Online (internet marketing 101)”.  All other products are undergoing a sweeping overhaul to accommodate recent changes with social media and other factors which influence the results of my clients.

How to Sell (almost) Anything Online

Self-guided e-course

Lost? Let this self-guided program get you back on track

“How to Sell Anything Online” is a robust 4 week internet marketing program that shows you how to get online and promote your product. Includes Daily assignments, worksheets, and material. Thorough and very easy to understand. Meaty and relevant. Includes online support and phone support.

What you’ll learn:

  1. How to develop an online presence
  2. How to put your product online
  3. How to promote your product

Included in your course:

  • Daily assignments
  • Daily Worksheets
  • Screenshots, flow charts and step by step tutorials in your inbox

Cost: $120 Scroll down for order details

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PHONE TRAINING ∼ Closing sales and working leads


Let’s face it…if you run an MLM business or you have leads to call, it can be pretty scary on the phone. Closing sales can seem intimidating, but when you follow my rock solid script and sales plan,  you will feel the pressure flow away.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to be confident on the phone
  • What to say in most situations
  • How to respond to questions you don’t know
  • THE absolute BEST way to close most leads.

What’s included:

  1. Sales Script–physical hard copy to keep by the phone during sales call
  2. Sales Plan–Written manuscript sent to your home, for reviewing different strategies
  3. Full training manual—shows you what the plan is for leading the prospect from a seeker to sale! Step by step reference guide for a variety of situations
  4. One hour of one on one phone training.

Pre-qualification required.

Note: This particular program is designed for calling back leads who have left their contact information for you to call them back. If you don’t have a video to direct your prospect to, than this program may not work for you. However, you can contact me for a consultation call to design something else for your situation.  This is not designed for cold-calls.

Cost $150

Order details below  This product is currently undergoing revision

Note: I reserve the right to turn away your order if I am not comfortable with the type of product or opportunity you offer your people.

One- on- One Mentoring


–Sometimes, you just need someone to take you by the hand and show you how it’s done. If you are new to the computer, or have a need for customized advice, or have a very large business that requires a more hands on approach, then this is exactly what you need.

I work with you one on one, in true mentoring style. I don’t do the work for you, but I tell you step by step what needs to be done in your particular situation, every step of the way. Daily phone sessions (or email sessions, if you prefer) make sure you are completing each task the right way.  You never ever worry about bugging me;  I call you every weekday to touch base with you and you get my personal cell phone to call me when needed in between our training sessions.  Once a year, I feature my best students in my online testimonials, with a link to your business.  Your success is my success!

What’s included:  Everything in the Internet Marketing Blueprint plus:

  • Initial discovery, consulting call
  • Suggested plan of action for your business
  • Step by step instructions
  • Daily Phone sessions or email contact (your choice)

Find out more.


Internet Marketing Blueprint


If you need to a plan to help you reach your business goals, then you need a blueprint. This marketing roadmap is custom made for you and clearly details your steps to a 90 day action plan for your business.  Together, we look at every facet of your business during our discovery call. Then, I put together a comprehensive Action Map for your business, along with different approaches and angles to use in a variety of situations. Three separate call back times are included to ensure that you are a implementing it properly and to answer any questions you may have.  Includes flow charts,  daily work schedules, and customized checks and balances to follow as you map out your business. You’ll receive a tangible, visual road map, not just a series of instructions. Brain dead easy to follow and seriously beefy.

What you’ll receive:

  1. Discovery call
  2. A personally customized marketing roadmap
  3. 90 day action plan
  4. Three separate call backs
  5. Flow charts
  6. Daily work schedules–

Note:  forms and charts can be mailed to you at no charge,  as well as being internet accessible

Cost: $450 (this offer is subject to pre-approval, so contact me first)

 Internet Marketing Basics.

New to internet marketing? Or maybe you’ve tried affiliate marketing and have no website of your own…and no sales. This internet marketing course will teach new internet marketers and anyone lacking in basic knowledge the fundamentals of internet marketing.

Learn how to develop a business website, how to generate leads with no money, how to handle online payments and more. If you know basic computer skills but don’t know how to make money online (or haven’t made any yet) then this course is for you.

Note: you must know basic computer skills, or take my basic computer course prior to beginning.

This is what you need if you want to learn all about:

  • Website development
  • Lead generation
  • online payments  at a beginner’s level, with very detailed steps.

And most importantly, HOW TO MAKE SALES!

This is an excellent resource if you know a lot about a little bit about internet marketing, but have gaps, or if you know nothing about anything!

$250  per month. 12 week course. Get real training now!

Order details below  This product is currently undergoing revision

How to Write Newsletters that actually Get Read

No matter what you’ve heard, Newsletters are not dead. Now more than ever, they are hands down the best way to get and keep repeat, targeted traffic to your website. But to be effective, they must be done right. In my three part Mini-Series, “How to Write Newsletters that Actually Get Read”,  you are shown step-by-step how to write Newsletters that keep your prospect coming back so that you can get more sales.

Delivery Method: email

Cost: $29 (order details at bottom of page)

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SEO made easy (advanced tutorial)

— Getting noticed on the search engine (otherwise known as “Search Engine Optimization” ) is  truly possible. Beyond meta-tags and buying links, there IS a real way to get real results–without being penalized on Google.

You’ll learn:

  1. The right way to optimize your website or blog
  2. Best practices for search engine optimization
  3. The single most important thing to know when getting high search engine rankings (it’s NOT what you think!!)

Cost: $50

Domain Names that Dominate

Learn how to rise above your competitors with the proper domain name. Advanced techniques show you hidden channels of opportunity when all of the best names are taken.

What I’ll show you:

  1. The exact steps I take when thinking up a really good domain name
  2. Which domain names you should be going for in order to get the best search engine rankings.
  3. VERY creative work arounds you can take when all the best are taken and you MUST have THAT domain name! (priceless!!)



Blogging Basicswoman-blogging-at-home

New to blogging? Or do you have a blog that has embarrassing gaps? Learn the secrets to better blogging.  Step- by- step tutorial lets you follow along with generous screen shots, leaving no doubt as to how it’s done. Learn how to choose or change your theme, how to engage your readers, setting up your contact form hassle free, and more. If you lack writing skills or just need to develop your blog, we cover it all. You’ll learn about posting quality images, creating quality content and all about organizing and designing your beautiful blog. If you know that your blog lacks lustre, or has some serious flaws in its navigation or construction, than this is your tutorial. For the beginning blogger or challenged blogger.

What you’ll learn:

  • –How to set up, create, and develop your blog using best practices
  • –How to engage your readers so they leave comments, follow your blog,  and “like” your posts.
  • –How to set up an effective contact form
  • –How to post images
  • + a chance to add your blog to our blogging circle, once your blog is completed

Cost$50 (order details below)

Connecting with your readers (building rapport through blogging)



If you already have a robust blog, but struggle with speaking to your audience, then this is for you. Learn how to connect with your readers while maintaining a professional attitude.

Of all my blogging tutorials, this is probably the most important information you will receive on blogging effectively. If you read nothing else, get this.


Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to use your blog to find out more about your readers
  • How to dialogue with your readers via your content and your replies
  • Proper netiquette in responding to feedback and addressing your readers
  • What to post in order to get a reaction from your readers that results in “reader engagement”

Most importantly, you’ll learn specific writing techniques that will “click the switch” in your reader’s interest and you will know how to get your readers to respond!

Cost:–$83  Scroll down for order details.

Learn more about “Builing Rapport through Blogging”

Blogging Made Better (part 2 to Blogging Basics)

Take your blogging to a whole new level

Note: You must already have a functional blog or have finished “Blogging Basics” in order to effectively use this tutorial.

Learn about customization in blog design not readily accessed on your WordPress blog. We’ll cover tips and tricks that WordPress doesn’t make easy for you to find, and give you step-by-step instructions in implementing them. You’ll learn best practices for layout, sidebars, images and more.

Have a business blog? You’ll  learn basic SEO strategies that will put you light years above competitors.

Cost∼ $75

Blogging for Dollars

Do you have a blog that’s a sleeper? Is your blog lacking traffic (and sales)? In this tutorial we cover what you need to draw qualified visitors who want what you have, your site, and how to receive payments online.

We’ll cover many different traffic sources and discuss which are the best traffic-generating methods ways  for your specific situation and type of blog.

Learn free methods of drawing traffic and when it’s appropriate to upgrade (this tutorial builds upon the first one, but will will work for you if you already know the basics of blogging).

Note: This tutorial will show you how to collect payments and draw traffic with no expenses, and explain when it’s to your advantage to pay for certain services (this is NOT an affiliate pitch and I don’t endorse any vendor with this).

Cost∼ $75

To order:  send a money order for product amount to:

Susan Melin
600 S. Liberty St
Independence MO 64051

Include your email address, and the name of the product you are ordering.

Allow 2 weeks for payment processing and electronic delivery of your purchase.