As you may have noticed on the main page, our mentoring program doesn’t begin again until May.

But that’s okay. Because..we have just begun our self-guided e-course.

You still get daily assignments and lessons along with practical examples, and “keep on track” checkpoints to make sure you aren’t neglecting any one part of your marketing strategy.

The difference between this and the upgraded version is that you call us when you need help. We don’t call you and check up on you or check your online progress with your website. That comes with the (currently filled) premium program. If you are under-motivated and need someone checking up on you, following your projects item by item and walking you through each step, or if you feel that your business/idea needs a “customized” approach, then you really need our mentoring program. It starts again in May.

“What do I actually need to know before I begin”?

The self-guided program is “step by step” simple, and foundational in its approach. We take your from easy to breezy in no time. Remember though, you MUST know basic computers skills in addition to knowing how to upload photos. And it would be very helpful indeed if you have had experience with a text editor.

As always, we have a “Help Me” hotline you can call 24 hours a day, whenever you need to. In other words, just because this program is self guided, doesn’t mean we are going to leave you out in the cold. Everyone, even self-studiers, get stuck sometimes.

I like to under-promise and over deliver, but I can tell you this…you shouldn’t have any problems getting all of the help you need with our support staff. They love to answer questions; that’s what they get paid for! So keep them employed and call anytime you need help! We are asking you to!

Frequently asked questions:

What exactly do I get in this course?

We set you up with a series of daily assignments and lessons which you must learn and practice. It is up to you to complete the assignments.

“How long is the course”?

It’s a four-week course.

“When does it start”?

Orientation begins April 9th.

“What will I actually learn”?

You will be taught how to find your niche, how to position yourself online as an expert, how to sell online immediately, (yes, immediately) and how to build a high quality blog and website. We also cover basic SEO and traffic techniques.

“Who will benefit from this course?”

Those marketers who need help in getting their online business started, developed, or off the ground will benefit. If you already have a blog or website, and you aren’t doing really well yet, this course will review the basics to make sure your website is following “best practices” for search engine optimization.

If you have a quality blog with some traffic but would like more traffic, then you should go with the more advanced course.

But, if you are highly motivated, if you are just getting started at internet marketing, or if you just have gaps that need to be filled, and you are okay with asking for help rather than being checked up on, then we welcome you to join this self-guided program.


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