SEO simplified:How to Jump in the rankings

Note: this offer is now merged into a my  series on SEO.

Are you sick and tired of going to your blog or webpage day after day only to find that no one has dropped by?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to find your blog on the front page of Google?

If you are like most website owners or bloggers, you have probably found out the hard way that just because you’re online doesn’t mean everyone can find you.

In my latest ebook, “SEO Made Simple”, I show you how to increase your search engine rankings without pouring through mounds of information.

When you request my free manual, I will send you info on

How to choose the correct domain name to jump in the rankings…even if all of the good ones seem to be taken

The importance of URL structure and how to use it for the best rankings possible

How much “weight” the search engines give each component of the optimization process. You’ll learn what must be fixed now, what can wait, and even what used to work, but is now obsolete.

If you know some things about SEO but feel you should know more, this free manual will show you how.

Note: This offer is no longer available. Check out my series on SEO made Simple to get the real deal


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