Why I don’t do affiliate Marketing

I suppose it would be a good idea if I prefaced this article by saying, I do not currently do affiliate marketing, but I am OPEN to it, if any one of you affiliates could sell me (pun intended) on the idea. So far, no one has taken the challenge. Disclaimer: I say it bold, … Continue reading Why I don’t do affiliate Marketing

Only a genius could survive in affiliate marketing

You've got to be an A+ marketer to stay alive in affiliate marketing. You've got to constantly be promoting the latest things, leaving "likes" all over so people click back to you, leaving posts on forums, building SEO mini-sites, testing squeeze pages, burning through Adwords  fees,  "friending" a million people on facebook, promoting product that … Continue reading Only a genius could survive in affiliate marketing

The Gap Theory.

I have a theory. I have concluded that most internet marketers have huge gaps in their marketing education. If they are a new marketer or an affiliate marketer, they lack focus. If they are very new at blogging, they may lack knowledge on basic blogging skills on  things like making sure that their "about" page … Continue reading The Gap Theory.

Affiliate, can we talk?

Look, affiliate...I like you. I mean, I really, really like you. YOu have spunk, pizzaz, optimism. You have a lot of time invested in internet marketing... Have a whole lot of faith in fate to make you rich. You have... no product. AFFILIATE! Dude! (dudette). Wake up. WAKE UP! YOU HAVE NO PRODUCT ---- OF … Continue reading Affiliate, can we talk?

Dear Affiliate:

  I find myself in a perplexing situation. Perhaps you can help me. The overwhelming majority of my followers are affiliate marketers. I don’t do affiliate marketing…at least not right now. But most of you do. This could make posting relevant material for you very challenging for me. I won’t even hide the purpose of … Continue reading Dear Affiliate: