Addicted to systems.

What do gamblers and affiliate marketers have in common? Answer.... Yes marketer, that was a moment of silence Because I think you all know the answer to this. It's the belief that "this ticket will be the winning one" that keeps gamblers and affiliates hooked. Please know, most of us have been there. It's a … Continue reading Addicted to systems.

Why affiliate “reviews” make me nervous.

Do you remember when "consumer magazine" first came out? I don't either. But unless you live as a hermit, then you are probably familiar with it. Consumer Magazines USP is, "We write reviews that are not incentive based" Affiliate, everytime you write a "review" and don't make it VERY clear that you are getting paid, … Continue reading Why affiliate “reviews” make me nervous.

Why I don’t do affiliate Marketing

I suppose it would be a good idea if I prefaced this article by saying, I do not currently do affiliate marketing, but I am OPEN to it, if any one of you affiliates could sell me (pun intended) on the idea. So far, no one has taken the challenge. Disclaimer: I say it bold, … Continue reading Why I don’t do affiliate Marketing

Only a genius could survive in affiliate marketing

You've got to be an A+ marketer to stay alive in affiliate marketing. You've got to constantly be promoting the latest things, leaving "likes" all over so people click back to you, leaving posts on forums, building SEO mini-sites, testing squeeze pages, burning through Adwords  fees,  "friending" a million people on facebook, promoting product that … Continue reading Only a genius could survive in affiliate marketing