The Power of Encouragement

Have you ever had one of those day where you doubted yourself?

Maybe you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into a project, but there have been no results.

And maybe there’s no one there to “pump you up” or root you on to success.
Did you know that at times like this, you can absolutely encourage yourself.
Self-encouragement is not narcissistic. We read that King David did it all the time.

Today if you are struggling with self doubt or discouragement, do a little self-talk and remind yourself of all that you have accomplished.

Still having trouble with that? just pretend you are encouraging someone just like you. What  would you notice about their achievements?

Would you ever talk down to them and tell them that they were a failure?

I think that it’s time that we start showing ourselves the same respect that we would show
someone we loved.

After alll, the Bible says to love your neighbor as you love yourself.
Yes, scripture commands us to love ourselves. (you can’t give what you don’t have).

So today I would like to encourage you to encourage yourself in the same way that you would encourage another.

You are awesome!
Now go add to that list of adjectives, and spend the morning building yourself up!
Five things I like about me:
  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.

Five things I’m good at:

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.

Three things others like about me:

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
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The Inspiration Station

 Today I want to talk to you about the “inspiration station” of your mind.
Your mind is a wonderful thing, but like any good thing, it can be misused.
Are you using your mind to think self-defeating thoughts? Do imagine negative scenarios that may occur if everything doesn’t quite work out?

“And another thing…”

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it could be like to go back into a conversation you had with an adversary, and to change the script? Maybe the argument would have gone better if we would have said  this in response to that thing they said. I think we all have done that, and that, my friend, is called “changing the script”. So why do we do this? Well, there is something within all of us that seeks:

Resolution and Closure

We earnestly want to go back and make the situation (such as, a discussion) go in our favor. That’s why do so much “script wrting” (or rewriting if you will) in our heads.
All creative people do this and if you are one of them, I have an exercise for you.
Instead of rewriting the script of your past, begin–

writing your script of tomorrow.

The next time you find your self absent-mindedly talking to the person from the past who is no longer there. or thinking about what thing you could have done differently in life, fast forward to the future (rather than the past) and write your script.
This is a very powerful exercise because your spirit hears what your mind is saying, and your mind hears what your mouth says.

I declare…

Walk around the room and declare what you would like for your life to be like in ten years, but speak it as though it has happened.

This is called making a faith declaration and it’s not voodoo, magic or witchcraft my friend…it is absolutely spiritual PROVIDED that what you are declaring is a truly God given dream, or a good and proper desire that falls under the umbrella of “if God wills”.
As you take this faith walk, you will be amazed at what comes out of your mouth.
Words have power, so be careful not to speak out anything you don’t want to have happen. Be sure to “think big” and to talk faith, not doubt.
If you are unsure about this, I challenge you to read these scriptures and see if you think they apply.
Then take your faith and walk and pay close attention to any details God provides while you “speak out” His will.
It’s also helpful to find any scriptures that apply or that God has given you about your dream. Quote these while you speak out your dream.

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