How to Succeed in Internet Marketing.

Decide exactly what course in internet marketing you are going to take.

There is SO MUCH to do that falls under the umbrella of internet marketing.

Internet Marketing does not just mean selling online.

It can also mean, making money by selling ads on your website.

It could mean, making money by referring people to a product, consultant, or to a specific service.

If you build websites for other people, and collect payments at their office, that is still considered an Internet Marketing job, because you are selling them a product that they will use online.

So then. Before you start Googling in “How to succeed in Internet Marketing”, you first need to define what exactly you want to do in the field of digital marketing (note: digital marketing is just another name for internet marketing).

Each week, I’m going to detail the pros and cons of different internet marketing paths. Stay tuned…


Evaluating the quality of your internet marketing education


When you are first starting your online business, you want to make sure that you are getting the right kind of information at a price you can afford. You want the education you are receiving to be the best it can be, and highly relevant to your particular business. And, you want results.

Hiring the complete services of a very good marketing agency would be the fastest way to get your business going. But definitely not the cheapest. A marketing agency will outsource all of the necessary work or do it with their own team. They will outline a plan for your business, and just do it all for you. Most new business owners can not afford this option at first.

If you are looking to learn how to market items yourself, you can hire a recommended “guru” to coach you and show you step-by-step how it’s done. Mentoring is hands down the best way to learn internet marketing and in the end, is almost as expensive as a marketing agency, but with the benefit of an education.

Consulting is always a good option if you just want someone to tell you what they think. Consulting may be done by the hour or a complete day, and if it’s really consulting it should just be you, not a group of people, getting advice from the expert. Note: many consultants refer you to other people for the services you need. And they get a commission for doing so. Beware of the quality of such referrals and ask the consultant if they are getting a kick back

Next best thing is a personal road map of your business. Not all coaches will do this and the reason is they either don’t know how, or they don’t think it’s as thorough.  A road map of your business is a written blue print or flow chart which tells you in written form what you should be doing, in what order.

If you can’t afford any of these specialized services, then you need to self-educate through free online tutorials or paid modules. The problem is, no matter how detailed the information is, it still isn’t going to tell you when to use it, or in what order.

The approach I take for my internet marketing program, is to provide a step by step system that takes you through each process needed to get your business online, looking good, getting traffic and making sales.

When you self-educate off of the internet, you may find it hard to know which style to use in marketing, and how to integrate all of these tutorials together.

But when you have real help from an expert, they can lift you above the clouds and show you the whole picture from a seasoned angle.

How To Win at Internet Marketing

How to win at Internet marketing.

Okay. Let’s talk here. So you have a dream to be successful. But. What does that mean?

What does it mean, exactly, to be successful at internet marketing? Well, different people define success in different ways. If you make money at internet marketing, most people would call that succeeding at it. Not because money is everything, but because we are specifically talking about marketing here. As in, marketing or selling something on the internet.

But now, I didn’t title this post, “How to succeed at internet marketing”  because, most people don’t look at internet marketing as something to make money at. They look at it as  a sort of Machiavellian style game…where they win. Here’s what I mean.

A lot of internet marketers are very competitive. And there’s a reason for that. Internet marketing is sort of set up to make you competitive.

Affiliate marketers want to scoop up the seekers.

Other marketers (okay most) have a highly focused goal of being number one on Google…or at least somewhere at the top of the heap.

And a lot of marketers have this belief that if they can get enough “likes” on their face book page, then (hurray!) they win.

But that’s not true. Because being successful at internet marketing has nothing to do with any of those things. It’s all about how much money you make.

You should have a definite goal of how much money you expect to make at internet marketing.

It’s easy to lose focus of what’s important, and get all excited when you have 5000 follower. But is all of that “fame” converting into cash?

Instead of counting your “likes”, checking your stats, and looking at your rankings on Google, you need to ask yourself this question:
“Are any of these things actually making me any money”

How long to wait for the ship to roll in.

How to Write a great informational product.

This post is a follow-up to “The Value of the Bonus

Reader, did you ever create a digital “how to ” product, and then cringe when someone bought it?

Did you get really excited at your first sale or, instead, did you find yourself worrying at night with your conscience bothering. Wondering

Did they like it?

Did they already know this stuff?

Will they really find it useful? and

Was it enough?

The good news is, if you were at least a little bit conscientious and nervous, it’s a sign you  care.

Still, if you think that your “how to” info product could teach more, inspire more, and be more, than you owe it to yourself to check out my tutorial

How to create and sell training material that Wows your audience.

In it, I’ll teach you:

How to research your target audience’s needs

How to customize your product to reach a variety of audience’s different educational needs

How to ensure that your customer is buying the right product for his or her level of knowledge.


How to evaluate the price of your product

While I can’t teach you the specifics about your particular genre of education, you will come away knowing how to present your product in the best possible light, without misrepresenting.

It’s time to learn how to under-promise and over-deliver

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The Value of “the bonus”

This article is about the value of your bonus, or “super-sizing” your product. Once upon a time, I witnessed a young teen-age boy eating a Big Mac.

Um, believe me, he didn’t need it (and I’m not being mean here). None the less, there the young man was, gorging himself on 1000 unneeded calories.

People were gasping as they watched this 13 year old obese boy eat a sandwhich that (back then) was typically only eaten by (and marketed to ) people who might have been called Big Mac…like truck drivers.

This was back (as in, wayyyy back) when the Big Mac was just becoming popular. Up until this point, there was… the lowly hamburger. Oh, and , the  Quarter Pounder.

But as more and more people became accustomed to this excess, it soon became standard for most Americans to “super size” it…as in more is better.

This went on for several years until one day, someone (really) made a better burger. And they called it, simply, Back Yard burgers.

If you have ever eaten a back yard burger (as in, made in your own backyard), then you know the vast difference between eating a frozen, reheated disc and one made with fresh meat and homegrown tomatoes.

What took a chain like this so long to present itself? I believe the answer is:

The Big Marketing lie.

Here it is… “My product has to be cheaper than everyone else’s, in order to sell.”

Marketer, is that what you believe? If you do, than you are believing a lie.

The truth is, people WILL pay more for your quality product, yes, even a digital product.

But it has to be fresh, relevant, and most of all QUALITY.

So forget about “super sizing” your product with a bunch of cheap irrelevant bonuses.

And forget about selling your ebook or plastic disc for $15.

Cause when you do, that spells, and smells….cheap.

I know what your thinking. YOu think that everyone is looking for a bargain. And I bet that’s what every gourmet burger chain thought when they started up. “No one will pay what it costs to produce this”.

And you know, in the beginning, when McDonalds just came out, they were right. But over time people got tired of the same old same old.

I’m not going to lie to you…people from other countries go CRAZY over the Mickey Dee burgers, when they hit American soil.

And computer newbies swoon with delight when they see their first hyped-up. get rich quick sales copy.

But over time, everyone gets tired of it (arent you??) And hungry. Hungry for quality.

If you know that your program or product is only a $15 product, then I don’t encourage you to raise your price.

Instead, make your digital product the best it can be. And then, charge what it’s really worth.