The Best Game Plan for your internet Marketing Business

Does your game plan keep disappearing from day to day, and getting replaced with the latest trick? Here are some common lies that are being promoted on the internet. Do you believe this internal dialogue?

“The best marketing plan for my business is one that gets me lots of followers on Facebook”


“The best marketing plan for my business is one that brings me traffic.”

Okay. That’s a good start. Let’s go on.

“The Best Marketing plan for my business is one that actually makes me sales, already!!

…you’re getting warm…

“The Best Marketing plan for my business is one the makes me Money, for crying out loud!

Partially true…read on…

The Best Marketing plan for my business is the one that actually makes me a profit…

…you’re almost there…

“Sue, what are you talking about? You don’t think it’s important that I make a profit”?

Let me explain–

If you get lots of people who:

  • like your product,
  • follow you on Facebook, Twitter Instagram…everything
  • and who visit your website

and who even buy from you
what you spend in:

  • advertising
  • webhosting
  • software
  • “opportunities”
    and other expenses—-if those expenses are deducted, and they actually DO bring you a profit, then you still have some math to do…because…

it really isn’t profit if your time isn’t paid for.

So. Let’s say that you make 25,000 a year in PURE PROFIT.
Let me ask you something….is the time you invested in making that money worth more than minimum wage? Because, if it is, then you didn’t even make that.

See, a lot of marketers are very good at bookkeeping, but they live in this carrot-on-the stick fantasy world.

They may not measure their success (like so many marketers do) in terms of social media activity, traffic or even sales, because they have been around the block, so to speak, and they have learned that it isn’t what you make, it’s what you keep (after buying leads, paying for ads, etceters.)

But one thing that almost every marketer struggles with is putting value on their time.

A lot of marketers are retired, on disablility, or just self-employed. So they don’t figure in the value of their time, because they just think, I’m not doing anything else with my time right now.

But time always has value, no matter how much of it you think that you have.
We would never hear of someone underselling their product because they have too much money on their hands. Yet marketers consistently undersell their product because they don’t factor in the value of their time, when they go to price their product.

You need to see the value of your time the way that a physical shop owner would price his “overhead”. You may not have the mortgage, lights and gas to pay on a separate building, you may not have inventory to account for, but you can be sure, if you are an internet marketer, you spend plenty time on your business each week.

And what a lot of marketers fail to do is to track the time they actually spend on their business, not taking into account basic things like creating a post, checking their stats, ect. All of these tasks are YOUR TIME that you are INVESTING in your business. You need to account for that when you figure out your profit margin.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail

A Lesson in Fear and Flying.


In an earlier post I talked about “the flying dreams” that we all have as children.

A lot of people I have shared my dream with about flying, have told me that they also would

flap their arms

think “if I just believe it, it will happen”

focus really hard on flying

vividly remember, in the dream, that they had dreamed it before, and

they would think “this time will be different”.

So. What I want to know is…why isn’t anyone flying? Okay though, seriously. What I really want to know is, why is it that some of these very same people only have faith in their dreams? A lot of these dreamers are quite “practical” and have a very hard time imagining themselves in a better place, much less believing anything great will ever happen,

And yet amazingly, they dream (as in, reallly dream) about flying.

(has anyone you know ever NOT had a flying dream….?)

So. Again. What i really want to know is…why does this iconic flying dream transcend all personality types, all income levels and all races? Why do people from all cultures, of all ages, and all genders have the very same dream?

And, more curiously….why do they stop believing for the impossible?

(theories? comments?…

Is this year going to be your best year?

Well, here it is, the end of January, and many of you responded to my posts on New Year’s Resolutions.

We discussed the importance of remembering that a New year’s resolution is just something that you resolve to do within a year.

So hopefully, you are still hanging in there with your goal.

But now, today, I want to talk about something bigger and deeper.

Deeper than meeting several goals.

And more profound then establishing a couple good habits.

Today, I would like to get your focus on to making this your best year ever.

Reader, what would it take to make this your best year ever?

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Why you Procrastinate



The Main reason you procrastinate is:

You don’t really want to do it

or, you don’t want to do it bad bad enough to do what it takes

Okay, this is obvious; I even spoke about it in last month’s post: People don’t procrastinate doing things that they really want to do, and we all get that. But what are the reasons for this? Let’s get specific:

You are scared

Yes, that’s the main reason people procrastinate. Fear. To be sure, some people procrastinate out of apathy. Or maybe, they aren’t really procrastinating. Some people just act like they are going to do something someday, when they really have no intention of doing it. But what I’d like to talk about in this particular post is those of us who really WOULD like to see something through, and we know that it’s what we want. But for some reason, we hold back.

Why would we do that? Why would we not charge forward to that thing that we know we want?

I think the answer is very simple: we go where our sweet spot is. If we felt good about doing it, we would. But sometimes, even though in our hearts, we know we would love to see something accomplished, there is something holding us back. And usually, for most of us, it’s fear. Fear of, of what? Well maybe the fear is:

  • Of not completing the task
  • Of not doing a good enough job
  • Of receiving criticism
  • Of the unknown
  • Of the opinion of others
  • Of people
  • Of pressure
  • Of commitment
  • Of doing the task
  • Something else involved in the process of doing it

I realize that there are many ways and reasons of procrastinating and that fear is just one of them. Still, it’s too big of a reason not to devote a post to.

Now, if none of these seem to be the reason, yet for some reason,  you feel fear when proceeding with your New Year’s resolution or any task, hang on—

Next week, I’ll be talking about a hidden fear that avoids detection, and how to move forward.

The Three C’s in Making an effective Online Presence



Your blog or website must have enough content that people think you have something to say.

You need to post ever single weekday.


Your content must have “proof” or documented evidence for your claims, or, it must have the ring of truth to it. People are going to be able to smell a snow job. If you don’t think you have a lot of this, then at least provide your full name and contact information.


–You must connect with your reader by showing your humanity. You need to have occasional references to your own life experiences, without seeming too unprofessional. In fact, if you had to choose between the two, it would almost be better (especially for a blog) to be a bit far-leaning on the personal rather than the professional side. That’s because blogs are relational.

If you struggle with this, or are a private person, then you  should try  to post at least one cozy, “come into my office and see my work” post at least every other week.

Better yet, a “come into my workshop, living room, garden, tailgate party” post every month. At least. And on the monthly post, you don’t even have to tie it into your business. Just be personable.

When you do pull back the curtains, don’t reveal anything about yourself that is crude or raunchy, if you don’t want to risk driving away your biggest client base.

Save the f word and references to your sex-life from those who wouldn’t appreciate it.

People want to see your personal side without you being TOO personal…unless, they are your biggest fan base or are a member of your online “tribe” (more on that later)

Note: If you have a really harsh, mouthy blog, I’m not targeting you here with this advice. But if you are hoping to make money on your blog, then unless you are marketing to Bikers and tattoo artists exclusively, then it might be wise to refrain from some of the verbage. Just a thought

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