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Would you like an endorsement of your product? Do you think you have the greatest internet marketing program ever invented?  Then send it in for review. I’ll be posting my unbiased results online, so there are no guarantees I will recommend your product (at present, I don’t do paid endorsements).  If your product passes the mustard, I will be posting reviews of them to customers who ask for referrals (again, I don’t do referral fees, this is just a free referral for the best products).

As you all know, I don’t buy into every marketing strategy out there, but when I have people asking “What affiliate product should I promote”  (like, every client) it kind of makes them mad when I say…”well, none of them” cause I don’t DO affiliate marketing. Now I am open, that is, if any of you all out there have some affiliate product worth promoting, the cream of the crop, something great for newbies that actually does make money (for the average person), then I may have something I can recommend.

But I’m really hoping for regular internet marketing programs which you yourself use or have created.

So if you want a free, no strings attached review, now’s the time


How to Get Referrals for Your Business

If you sell a product online, and you want to have your customers send you other customers, you can do this several ways.

  1. Ask. It never hurts to ask and many times, if you simply ask your customer, “Do you know anyone who might need our services?” they will tell you some friends they know who want what you have.  This is the most basic and classic way of getting referrals and it’s completely appropriate in most businesses and situations.
  2. Reward. Offering an actual cash amount to those who bring you paying customers is a surefire way to get a response.
  3. Incentives. Make it easy on your customer to invite their friends to look at your product–offer each referral a discount. You can even provide your customer with a link to a downloadable coupon they can give their friend. Couple this with option number two, and it’s a win/win for both of them!

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How to get testimonials

Who Stole my Meatloaf?

All names have been changed to protect the guilty


It was 3:00 pm in the afternoon.  Five thirsty employees saw it….the sprite…staring them in the face on the top shelf. It was a communal fridge. Each day they saw it…sitting there…unmoved, and unclaimed.  Finally, on an especially brutal Friday, the torture continued.  At break time, each one of them, silently, reasoned with themselves on why their secret sin would be okay. No one was claiming this pop. Someone else will take it if I don’t. Joe is fat, and I need more. Marci’s a diabetic, and she’s tempted…gotta save her.

Is it any wonder that no one was very compassionate on the day that the temp came back to the plant to work on Thursday? They hadn’t seen her in weeks and frankly, everyone had forgotten about the pop. They didn’t really even know is she still worked there.

Here’s what she said ” the other day, I came into work and found FIFTY CENTS instead of my pop. And I went ‘argh.! I don’t want fifty cents, I want my pop!”

It was almost as bad as they guy who rented a room in a dump I lived in back in my earlier days.  Some of the residents were more generous than others. One construction worker treated us all to dinner each night and asked me to cook it. So in some ways, it was like a family. From time to time though, I wondered if anyone had any sense of boundaries. Food would come up missing. The construction worker was out of town and everyone looked to ME to cook HIS food– for them! But it wasn’t my food to cook! They seemed to take for granted that he would WANT us to eat his food….even when he wasn’t there to offer.  I guess they thought I had the power to make that call. So weird; didn’t these people know that if you didn’t buy it, it isn’t yours? Finally, one evening, an especially girthful man came out to the kitchen, wolved down a micro michelini tv dinner, and declared, indignantly, “Nice Snack”. I wanted to scream, “Dude, like why don’t you get a job so you don’t have to rely on mommy and daddy dropping off food” but I held my tongue. Finally, one day, everyone’s stress had reached a fevor pitch. I generally avoided the kitchen as everyone would look at me like I was the lady of the house who was starving them. I knew they wanted me to do their dirty work for them but I stood strong. Then, HE came in. Bulging from side to side, the veins bursting on his sweating neck, we all knew it was time to run

“Who stole my meatloaf??????”

If you’ve ever gone into the break room at work and heard someone wailing this, it’s a scene in entertainment you don’t want to miss.

The offended will thrash about like a wild animal screaming explicatives while DEMANDING that the guilty party produces their food. I mean, like what?do they want the thief to get a barf bag and retrieve it?

The funniest thing is the absolute resolute chirp of crickets you hear from the peanut gallery. I mean, people are LOYAL in covering. No one even utters a theory on who MIGHT have done it (I think they’re in cahoots with one another).

And people are shameless with this. When I was a locker room attendant at a health club, workers would grab my health shakes which I sold on the side and slug them down when I turned my back for a moment.

If all of this seems surreal, consider what happens on the World Wide Web. Poor writers rip off content all the time.

Can you blame them? Can you blame the person in the story above who was dehydrating while lusting after that sprite that seemed…abandoned?

Or the hungry person who was eyeing Earl’s meatloaf all week long thinking, “Is this Joker ever going to eat this thing? Or is he done with it all ready”?

I guess in the end, feigned ignorance coupled with hunger and a disdain of waste makes it seem all right.

Reader, have you ever had your content ripped off? I know I have. Once I went on line and discovered that there was a mega site that had posted my beautiful article for my husband’s Business Blog, I was livid. Until. I looked and observed that the telephone number to my husband’s business was intact. Untouched. What? Turns out the webmaster could not speak English…he could only read Asian characters…and had NO IDEA he was promoting my husband’s business.

He was promoting his articles to an English speaking audience, but he couldn’t read English. He was desperate. And while that might not describe most “scrapers”, it is true of many poor writers. There’s all that beautiful content. “I wish I could write like that”  “This guy has abandoned his blog…he hasn’t posted in ages” “Anyway, no will know” and, click, the copy and paste forgery begins.

I would like to to tell you that this doesn’t happen, but the better I rank, the more scrapers seem to show up. One day I’ll write an article showing how to shut them down. But in the meantime, I want to talk about content creation.

Whenever you see one of these link farms with scraped content, you can be sure that the person is doing one of three things

a. experiencing low self esteem about their blog

b. has convinced his or herself that they have nothing important to say

c. really believes that they can’t write.

In my series “Blogging Basics” I go into intricate detail on the mechanics of creating  a viewable blog and developing fantastic content. If you’ve ever thought

I can’t write

I can’t spell or

My content is boring

Then this is for you. but before I continue pitching it, let me make a suggestion to all the best and worst writers out there…make an outline. Make sub outlines. Fill them in.

Can you do that please? If you write great or naturally, you can still benefit from this tip when thoughts flow too quickly to organize.

And if you think your writing could use some intensive help, Check out my tutorial.

Now (and this is the truth) I’m off to hide the evidence of the quick swipe I made of someone’s stack

(forgive me, family….)

It was talking to me.

You had more steak then I did last night

It isn’t fair anyway, because your older sister is doing her no meat for lent thing and anyway, you all have been hogging all the food.

And I guess I’m not too sorry, but I want you to love me.

Because I’m the one that does the cooking every night.

And buys your snacks  which you grab and run away with and anyway, I wanted some quality time with you while we have a stay at home order. And here you all are bonding with me and providing me with content for my website and, well, gee, I know you are learning Karate at the school which is at home now, but could you just maybe, like, get over it

(okay, students, that’s going to be my final example in “self revealing writing” for this season).

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How are those resolutions coming?

Well, one fourth of the year has started,  but the good news is, 75% of the year remains.

Have you given up on your New Year’s Resolution? It’s not too late:

The biggest problem with New Year’s resolutions is “bait and switch”.
Let me explain: a resolution is just something that you resolve to accomplish.

The only thing you need to do in order to have a resolution is just an inward resolve that you are going to do something.

A New Year’s resolution is just something that you resolve to do in the New Year.
And a year is a long time to achieve that.

It’s been three months, since you made your resolution, but listen, you guys. It’s not too late.
Resolve what you would like to accomplish this year.

Remember, it’s your resolution for this year, and the year is not over. Three-fourths of the year still remain!

Before we go there, let’s examine the quality of our New Year’s resolutions.
In fact, before we do that, let’s define whether or there was even  a valid resolution to begin with.

Here’s one example:

Resolving that you’re going to do push-ups every day for a year is not a good resolution.
That’s an “everyday resolution”, not a goal for the New Year as a whole.
Yes, you can do push-ups every day, but that’s not your New Year’s resolution… your New Year’s resolution should be your “why”.
Why do you want to do push-ups? To tone your upper body. That’s your New Year’s resolution: to tone your arms and “get fit”–or “fitter”.

As long as your upper body is toned and firm, you have met your New Year’s resolution.
Breaking that resolution down into Quarterly, monthly goals, etc., comes after you make your resolution.

Remember, you’re not resolving to do push-ups each day (or sit-ups, or whatever) You’re resolving to get a firm, fit upper bod this year.

Why do we set ourselves up for failure each year? It’s because we mistake a resolution with a daily goal.
Very few people who get a firmer upper body do push-ups every single day without fail. That’s because life happens.

When we mistake a resolution for a goal, we quit the first time we hit a hard day. “Oh. I missed push-ups today. I “broke” my New Year’s resolution”.
No you didn’t– –you can still be “resolved”, as in determined, to achieve that goal.
Remember, a New Year’s resolution is just something you resolve to achieve this year.

Write down what you are resolved to accomplish BY THE END OF THE YEAR.

Break that down into Seasonal goals. For example, take an arm measurement and subtract it from what measurement you want your arms to be;
alright so now you know how many inches you need to put on (or take off) by Spring, Summer, Fall, until you have reached your goal.
So, decide exactly how many inches or centimeters you need to add or increase each month (depending upon whether your are losing inches or building muscles), and develop an action plan.

Be sure your plan is realistic

If someone else shared with you the same plan that you have, would you think it was unreasonable? Be fair with yourself here; a year is a long time, but it may not be enough time for your goal, so plan accordingly

Think about planning a plan, rather than just a vague absolute.

So what exactly is a “vague absolute”? Isn’t that just an oxymoron?
Nope. See, most goals are really vague (like “be happy”) and absolute–
As in “be happy every day”.

A better “resolution” would be, “Find out what makes me happy, and then GO for it!”
After you do the first part, give yourself a week to plan out HOW to do it.
For example: “This year, I want to be happy. I want to find out what makes me happy. And then, I want to do, every day, what it takes to make me happy”.

Now, you need to know that just because you haven’t met your goal the first month, doesn’t mean that you won’t reach your goal by December 31st. When I first started doing sit-ups, I could only do three (pathetic, I know…) But by the third day, I could do eight. By the end of the week, I was doing 20. At months end, I could do fifty.
See, sometimes your goals will wax and wane in spurts. Daily goals shouldn’t be something you beat yourself up over, because

A. they are not good indicators of your chance of success and B. they are not resolutions. You need “over-all goals” and daily goals to help you get there.

Remember…you aren’t a failure if you miss a day or two (or three or four. Or even a whole month learning this stuff). You are only a failure if you stop trying to reach your yearly resolution.
Keep the end in mind and the daily goals will happen.

P.S. I just want to add, if your goal is to lose weight, you definitely need all of the support that you can get. Weight loss is TOUGH! And, it takes TIME to lose tons of pounds. More about this in my next post