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Why you are working too hard (how to quit playing the social media field).

Working 20+ hours per week to tweak, adjust, and post to your social media account, is a total drag.

One thing I find with ALL social media marketers is that they are just working TOO DARN HARD to make this internet marketing thing work.

Here’s what I mean: you get up at 6 am and make a post to your blog. Then you reblog it to every single social media account you own….and you own a lot. Well, at least  a twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN account if you’re like most marketers. Or at least, I mean most marketers have at least three profiles online somewhere.

Now that in and of itself would not be bad, tedious or time consuming IF you had those posts automatically added to those accounts.

Assuming you know how to do that.

But let’s say you do. Let’s say you post one post every single day and then you have them automatically updated. Not hard, right?

Okay, I’m with you. But what about this…what about having one platform you heavily promote your product on, and only focusing on the likes, comments and “thanks for sharing my post” messages that you normally tend to on 3 – 6 platforms?

In my business, I use one platform, exclusively to promote my product, and I don’t even need that. Yes, you heard me right. Before you peer down at me with your jaded, disallusioned marketing spectacles,

let me assure you I am not in anyway talking about something spammy, dishonest or any type of scheme. I don’t do affiliate marketing (though I’m open, if I could find something righteous to promote, in an ethical way). And I don’t do pyramid schemes (you should know all this, if you’ve been following my posts).

And for those of you who are skimming down this post to find out what the latest
“get rich quick” idea is, I don’t do those either.

But what I’ve been doing is to promote a killer product/opportunity that really IS an opportunity…that really DOES bring recurring income, and that actually provides a product that most people use or can gift others with.

I realize I’m being sort of mysterious here, but I”ve learned from experience, if I divulge too much, too soon, it’s easy to lose people, who click away and say “Oh, one of THOSE deals” without reading the rest of the post.

And that makes me sad AND kind of mad, because I know that what I promote works, has the best commissions I’ve ever seen, and most definitely is legit.

For those who are interested in learning more, just leave your name, number, and the best time to call you. I don’t twist arms or pressure anyone.

How I make money

If you’ve listened to me for any length of time now, then you know that I am not big into formulas. A lot of marketers make money selling this “system” and that “secret” but in the end, they only give you one piece of the puzzle.

I am, however, not getting you to buy into any system here when I tell you, I believe I have found a true money making opportunity which offers “real” opportunity., and here’s the thing…I am not offering it to everyone.

If you are “for real” about making money and are willing to work the program, I believe you can make tens of thousands of dollars in your first month…for real.

I’m going to leave at that, and see who bites.


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“Yes, I’d like more information on the opportunity”



Internet Marketing Basics

The very basics of INTERNET MARKETING ARE:


  • Having a product that has a market
  • Using the right platform to sell it on (almost always, a website)
  • Getting enough people to visit your website.

That’s it! If your internet marketing program doesn’t cover these things, then they assume you already have the product, platform, and traffic.

Don’t buy any internet marketing program, any informational e-book, any “secret system” or “winning formula” until you at least know these things:

How to build a website
How to drive traffic to your website
How to write reasonably good content.

If you can’t write, don’t know basic web design, and know nothing about how to build online traffic, then you are wasting your time with the other stuff.

In the beginning, you need a way to make money without advertising. You need a way to draw traffic without paying to get links. And you need a way to make a website (without money) to drive all of your free traffic to.

I cover all of this and more in my e-course “How to sell anything online.”

You’ll learn how to develop a website that is effective, and optimized for the search engines.

You’ll learn how to drive quality traffic to your website.

And I’ll show you how to collect payments online. I’ll teach you how to do all of this with absolutely no money or advertising in the beginning.

You’ll learn step-by-step what it takes to be an overnight internet success.

Will you make a million dollars overnight? Anything’s possible if you believe. But I think a better goal might be to make a decent income so you can afford some of the bells and whistles that can make you a million down the road.

Click on the blue text to sign up for our self-guided internet marketing course (which covers all of this).

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How to Make Money Online

Making money online doesn’t have to be difficult.

Hi. I’m Sue Melin, author of How to Sell Anything Online.
If you are struggling to make money online, you owe it to yourself to try my new tutorial. In it, I’ll show you the ins and outs of making money online. But first, I want to let you know that making money online is not some mysterious “formula” that you have to learn from an internet blackbelt. Internet marketing is just a term for making money off of the internet. It’s not rocket science, nor does it require a college degree. You just need to be shown how to do it, in logical order. Actually, I want you to think of internet marketing like you think of gardening. If you hate growing plants, it may because you think that it’s too hard. And if you love growing plants, it’s because… you know how! But whether you do or don’t know how, the rules of gardening always work. That is:Evolution of a young plant

“If You Give Your Plant the Right Soil, the Right Temperature, and the right sunlight, you can expect a perfect plant everytime”.

It doesn’t have to be hard, and it really isn’t, provided you understand the basics.

Well, in the same way,  did you know that just as plants have certain universal laws that govern their “how to” of growth, so does internet marketing. You just have to tend to your product in the proper manner. Once you learn some basics, and implement them in the proper order, you can expect to make money online.

So many people these days are looking to make money online, but they don’t know where to start or where to go to find the information they need. When you sign up for my internet marketing training series, How to Sell Anything Online, you will be shown step-by-step what you need to do in order to build an online marketing funnel via screenshots, graphics, and highly detailed in structions. You’ll learn:

Product Presentation

How to present your product in the best light possible, so that you look professional online. We’ll talk about taking quality graphics that resonate with your customer.I’ll show you how to market yourself (and your product) in the best position possible for maxiumum impact.

How to Draw Traffic to Your Product

You’ll find out how to sell your product online, even if you don’t have a website!
This takes almost no money. In fact, very few of my tactics require any money whatsoever.
But don’t worry; I’ll still show you How to Build an Attractive Website; even if you don’t have any coding skills. Find out the ins and outs of:

Taking Payments Online:

Having a website doesn’t help you much if you can’t take payments. In my internet marketing series, you will learn ways to collect money with no fees, or online expenses. You ‘ll learn how to upgrade when you can afford it, and you’ll learn what’s important, what can wait, and even, what’s completely free!
You will be taught a rock solid system for making leads, that doesn’t cost you one thin dime!

(plus, it’s super easy!)
Find out how to advertise for pennies on the dollar and even less than that:

(as in, no cost whatsoever!)

Advertising online can be expensive! So can leads. And I probably don’t need to tell you that Google Adwords can eat you alive in fees before you ace its steep learning curve. But that’s okay, because when you sign up for my internet marketing series, you’ll learn cost-effective alternatives to all of these. I’ll show you how to find people online who want exactly what you have, without using Google,  paying for ads, or purchasing leads. And best of all, it’s completely free.

Build an effective sales funnel that really pulls in customers–without investing any funds.

Upgrade as you go

As your busines grows, you will want to upgrade in every facet of your promotion strategy. I’ll teach you what’s important to purchase first, what can wait, and what you don’t even need

(before you blow a bunch of money unnecessarily).

And you’ll learn how to do all of this, in the right order, so you don’t have to undo what you do.

When you sign up for my program, you get daily lessons in your inbox, showing you step-by-step what you need to know to have good success online. And with our rock solid customer support, you’ll never have to worry about being left behind
Don’t struggle one more day…claim your spot now!




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