Building Rapport through Blogging

You know you need to do it. Everyone tells you it’s not optional. The research overwhelming supports it’s effectiveness

“Sue, what are you trying to say?”

Listen. I just want to drive this home. I wanted to get your attention.

Reader, you  need to build rapport with your audience.

You need to pull back the curtain of your heart and let it rip.

You need to…take off your masks and be transparent!

But reader.  Let me ask you…don’t you feel vulnerable when you do that?

And doesn’t it seem counter-intuitive?

After all, you want to seem professional. And you don’t want to be every body’s good old buddy, because you know why you are blogging…you are blogging for your business, not to get all of the “hi fives” that you can.

And also, you know that you need to be taken seriously.

One of the best things you can do in order to build rapport, without revealing too much information, is just to share with the readers some of the challenges that you have experienced in your business.

Even if you run a professional blog, with quality, high-info content, you still need to have that element of the human touch. No matter what anyone tells you, I am here to set the record straight:

People read blogs to find out about other people.

Yes, it’s true; your reader is specifically reading your BLOG (not website), because they want to get their question answered through the lens of human experience.

This is where so many bloggers miss it.

It’snot easy knowing the difference between  coming across as a professional and  being perceived as…austere.

In my ebook, “Building rapport through your blog” I show you how to connect with your reader in a way that:

Positions you as an expert…without coming across as arrogant

Draws empathy from the reader…without making you look week, but rather, approachable

Teaches you how to use your blog as a barometer of your target market, so that you can speak to them more effectively.

It’s all right here



The Blog that said and taught nothing



Hey reader, is your blog “thin” in information?

Is the purpose of your blog to educate your readers, or just to get sales?

Do you yourself really appreciate visiting a blog that only shoves product promotion your way?

When you finally do  get a post to do well in the rankings, do you act like a little kid screaming “notice my stuff, buy my stuff. Or by this one here, or maybe this one ..” and the only people who read your site are doing it so you will visit their site…and buy their stuff???

Because, if you are doing that, if all of your posts are nothing but order pages, then you may be

An affiliate marketing site

How’s that working for you? Well, actually, if you have a bunch of followers into “shiny gadget syndrome”, then it may actually work quite well for you…or not.

Because, if none of those other people with shiny gadgets of their own are interested in buying your shiny gadget, then you probably aren’t making much money.

Tell the truth, affiliate: are you really happy? When you sell something as “the latest cool thing” that really isn’t “all that”, don’t you secretly lose respect for your sucker customer…and yourself?

There really is a better way to sell on your blog.  But selling on your blog is not the same as selling something in a store.

Let me explain

People don’t visit your blog to buy something. They read it to

a. Read interesting stories

b. Meet interesting people and then

C. To connect with you.

I’m not saying you can’t offer your product, and I’m not even saying you can’t mention something you sell in each and every post.

But the majority of what you write should inform, engage, and delight your reader….not show off your shiny new gadget.

A lot of very good affiliate marketers don’t really understand how to promote their product on a blog,  lack writing skills, or don’t think they’ll be able to come up with enough material to write.

But there really IS a secret (a word I don’t use alot of, because it’s been used so much), there is absolutely a productive system to being creative, fresh, and providing continuity to your blogging experience.

When you sign up for my course, you will learn how to post fresh,  high ranking, relevant and engaging blog posts day after day, that aren’t lame, that get noticed, and which create some sort of action toward the sale.

When you are ready to take your blog to a whole new level, then invest in your future with Blogging Made Better

You’ll learn  how to write posts that people actually read, “like” and share, and you’ll feel good doing it.

Isn’t it time to start adding value to the blog-o-sphere?

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The Blog in a testube


Fellow blogger,

Have you ever seen a blog that was made in a test tube?

What I mean is, it had all of the “right” elements…it had page rank, great SEO, a gazillion likes, and ….no sales.

And it maybe even had no soul…as in no art factor. Everything was done “by the book” with no heart.

If your blog has no sales, it could be because, it has no heart. It’s a test tube blog.

But blogs are meant to be so much more than a series of checked boxes.

A blog is supposed to be relational.

If you are a professional, you may be treating your blog like a  business website.

But Business websites lack warmth.

Are you an independent private person? If you are, then your blog may lack the human element.

So. How do you give your blog heart without revealing too much of your (private) soul?

More often asked, how do you provide engaging information without giving out your

info product for free?

In my e-series “How to build relationships through blogging”, I  cover the basics of this. The cost?  Just $50

Note: This is for bloggers who want to learn how to have something to say, not just something to sell. But it’s a back door approach to winning customers.

Send payment to:

Susan Melin

600 South Liberty St

Independence, MO. 64050

Mention the name of the e-series and include your email address.

Why your blog is…not so much

Do you want more out of your blog? Have you recently started blogging and know that there is so much more you could do to your blog to make it better?

Here are some basic tips (note: for those of you who already know this, I hope you bear with me on this review of the basics. A lot of my readers have gaping holes in their otherwise beautiful blogs.

Okay, fellow blogger. So you found a theme, you’ve got great photos, and your content is awesome. What’s not to love? Here are the three common “oh my gosh, are you kidding me” gaping holes I have found in many of your blogs.

Site Title

When I visit some of your blogs, there at the top is a little title that tells me the name of your blog. But instead of seeing something normal like “Mental Musings”, “Vacation in Venice” or even “Joe’s Blog, it reads “Site Title”. No. Seriously. I have counted no less than ten followers who have absolutely gorgeous blogs, but unbelievably, they don’t realize that the title of their blog displays this way.

About Page

  “This is an about page. You can use it to tell a little bit more about yourself. Yes, reader, that’s what I see I many of your about pages. This needs to change”.

And, the geekiest looking one of all (and the most common)

“This is a text widget”

People, I could go on and on, but the point is, it’s obvious that many fine bloggers are making these mistakes. The heartbreaking thing is, none of this is necessary with just some simple blogging knowledge.

In my blogging manual “Blogging made better” I go into great detail on how to format and organize your blog, so that it looks great. You can learn more here

You are closer than you realize


52093-birds-on-wireToday, I woke up with a numb limb. I couldn’t feel a lot of my fingers. And my pinky felt dead.

I sleep on the sofa, because I’m separated from my husband.
It has been hell on my shoulder.

All morning long, I’ve been feeling everything come back alive.

It was scary.

Now, dear readers, I want to tell you something that happened.

While I was massaging my pinky, something (Someone) told me, on the inside, “if you keep massaging it, it will feel life”

I was scared to even look at my pinky. I was sure it must look black.

I even had an inward feeling that I SHOULDN’T look at it, or I would not have the faith to believe in a positive outcome.

In the dark, it looked darker than the rest of my digits.

Okay, I’ll admit it… I was scared.

But as I began massaging my numb digit, I felt the Lord tell me something…all of this numbness represented my marriage.

I heard Him encourage me to keep massaging my marriage.

Which was the PERFECT parable for me, reader, because, think about it…my whole hand felt like a BLOCK. My pinky felt detatched from me.

My hand and arm were numb too.

And my mind was messing with the faith I had because i KNEW that arm had been without circulation, asleep, for hours.

Do you have this problem with any area of your life?

Because, I want you to know, if you massage it, it will come back to life.

I have a word for you…don’t give up. You are closer than you think.
It’s winter. Online sales are down for many. Maybe the only circulation your online business is getting is a trickle of traffic.

Don’t freak out. We are all going through it.
But it’s winter, and spring is coming.

You know, reader, I know I was meant to share this with you.
But I still would love some feedback.
Blessings on all of you, and please…don’t ever give up.
Spring is coming.
I live in the Midwest, and I hate the cold. I live at the computer and over the heat vent. I hibernate. I yell at the kids to close the front door. I don’t eat ice cream and everything is heated that I drink. I don’t step on the porch. And here’s what I want you to know…It never ever seems like winter will be over. Surviving each day without feeling miserable and negotiating the thermostat temperature with the overheated family is a full time job.

My snarky teen informed me that I act disabled in the cold. I know she’s right.
Every winter I swear I’ll move South next winter.

But I always get through it, and so will you.
It is Winter for many, online. Some have a perpetual tropical experience in their online sales. But that’s not the norm.

Don’t let it get you down.

This is also the time of year that many people think of blowing their brains out. That would make me so sad. Please don’t ever do that.

All of the people who read your posts, but never “like” them? They do care.
All of the times you posted an article and wondered if anyone thinks you are awesome? Yes, they do. I know I do. Some of you are so gifted in skills I don’t have. There are affiliate marketers out there who totally impress me on a daily basis (I don’t do affiliate marketing), and many of you have websites that are far sharper than mine. And traffic that might put me to shame.

But I know from experience, no matter how well you lay a foundation, and how hard you work on something, it takes time, and lots of time to carve out a succesful, a really successful online business.

If you are doing everything, I mean, everything that you know to do, have you prayed over your business? Have you listened? If you have, and you feel secure that you are meant to be an online marketer, than keep going!

Just because you aren’t getting great results, doesn’t mean you aren’t dong the right thing. But ask Him! (He will give you the plan if you are putting Him first).

Note: Readaer, let me help you. Post every single day. No matter how small. It will really help your rankings.

I think that this is the season for being kind to yourself and to one another.
I think we all need to huddle together. There are some of you that could really help others in an area that they are weak. So starting right now, if you think you have a service that you would like to barter with someone else, fill out the form. I will personally email you the details of anyone who needs your skill, or who can provide you with one.

I get no benefit from this. It’s just my way of giving back to all of you who “like” my posts and read my blog.

The invitation is open.


Thanks! I’ll be responding within 24 hours. All info is confidential. You are AWESOME!