Delving into the supernatural

A lot of you spend a lot of your time looking into various self help programs. And ultimately, all of these programs will direct you back to the need for some type of higher power. If you are into Wicca, you may look to nature for your inspiration. If you are a budhist, you may think we are all coming back as another creature some day, and so you may look within and try to muster up the willpower to modify your behaviour.  If you belong to a group that is culturally religious,  you may look to your group for guidance, believing that God views your people as a whole, and not individually. Did I miss a group? Did I misrepresent what you believe? Forgive me if I have overgeneralized any of you with my limited knowledge of various belief systems. Where I actually was going with this was simply a logical point: Why not look to the very one who created


The human will

and every race of people and their various groups

for divine guidance? Sometimes I think that in our systems we create in order to meet the creator, we overlook….the Creator

The light at the end of the tunnel


rat2btreading2bwaterHave you ever been in a situation in your business where it looked like nothing would ever get better?

Or maybe you’ve been working at your business for a long time, and you are making little, if no money.

Don’t give up.

These scientists put these two rats in separate tanks of water (no life preserver in the experiment). (:0

the first rat treaded water for three days before reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.

The second rat had no light, and died after 45 minutes of trying.

What does your business need?

The light at the end of the tunnel.

What is that light?

A word.

Pet Hamster Holding A Blank  Sign

Putting the touch of the Divine on your business.

Reader, if you have ever heard of the power of prayer (and who hasn’t), then I challenge all of you today to take a moment and think of the last time you’ve had an answered prayer.

I’m not here to challenge your belief system, or even to present you with one (at least not today). This post is for those of you who believe in the power of prayer.

Now, have you ever thought of praying for your business?

Silhouette illustration of a man praying under the light

Here’s a good grid to follow today. Yes! A checklist of ….prayers

The Nation you live in

The neighborhood you live in

Your family

Your friends

Your Personal problems.

Your business.

I think a lot of us don’t pray for our business, and feel bad doing so, because we think (and rightly so) that we should be praying for other things.

So. How about this. How about today, taking five.

Take five minutes to pray for each of these things, ending with your business.

Five minutes is not a hard amount.  You can shut the door to your room or office, and just set the timer. Or, start with a minute. Pray one minute for each of these things. Then, day by day, condition yourself.  By next week, you should be praying five minutes each day for your business, and every other important area.

That is the exact formula I follow, and it’s gotten my website

a lot of traffic

superiour search engine rankings

and lots of followers.

Hey, you’ve tried everything else. Why not try putting God, front and center, in your business and life today.

Let me know how it works for you.

or, post your prayer request here (will not be posted).

Read more about my  higher power here

But does it feel right? | Manipulation in Marketing

Reader, how many times have you looked at some marketing strategy that seemed to be making everyone else rich, but it made you uncomfortable?

Maybe it was the way that their ad had these huge red screaming letters shouting at you, or dollar bills blowing on the screen; and it just seemed… forced; cheesy; shady…

Did it feel right? because if it didn’t, that was your gut telling you, “beware”.

When you search around the net looking for a way to succeed online, you are going to find a bunch of people telling you that they did this, this and this and they were rich.

They are lying. Believe me.
Because, now think about it…if all they had to do was, that that and that, do you really think that they would be selling the “how to” of it for such a low price?

Internet Marketing is a vast field of knowledge and you aren’t going to learn it all overnight.

When you are ready to take internet marketing seriously, check out our mentoring program.

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How to really make money online

The Sweetness of being ethical

english garden

A long time ago, there was a wise King who went into one of the provinces of his village.

“I am looking for a child, to raise as my own” he declared. “The one which I choose shall have the finest of everything”. Then, he distributed flower pots among the orphan children.

“I want for each of you children to do your very best at growing and tending a healthy plant. Each pot contains only one flower seed. Water well, and carefully tend to what you’ve been given. In due time, I will return to judge each of your miniature gardens, and to pick which one of you who shall be my heir, based on your results.”

True to his word,the king did indeed return after many days, along with the Queen. Child after child presented to him glorious blooms and scented flowers. But one small child, with a quavering chin, stood silently at the back of the crowd.

The king swiftly noticed him, and pulled him forward.

“Child,” said the king. “Whatever in the world is wrong with your plant?”

Swiftly, the queen joined the child, held the plant up over her head and declared that this was indeed the most beautiful plant in the group.

“Why lad,” the gentle King protested. “This plant is nothing but a weed.”

The queen picked up the hysterical child, dried his tears and proclaimed, “But darling, did we not agree I could have the final say?”

So, the king relented, the child joined them on the trip home, and the beloved weed plant was prominently displayed as “Queen Anne’s Lace”

It wasn’t until years later that the Queen revealed the truth of the test, to her son, as he was ready to venture into the world.

“My son,” she told him “I would like to tell you the story of why I chose you above all others to be my son”

“Was it my mournful look, and the sorrow you felt for me? ”

“No, my son”

“Was it my dashing good looks, Mother?” he teased playfully

“No, my son, though you are beautiful.”

Handsome, Mother”

“Of course, my son.”

“Seriously though, Mum, why did you choose me? My plant really was a weed you know…my science teacher told me so…”

“Son, no one knows this story but you and I. The week before you were adopted, I observed some ruffians stealing and being cruel. I was reluctant to take a village urchin as a son lest some brute enter my castle. The night before the big test, I boiled each of the flower seeds which the gardener had collected, and then returned them tidily to his workshop. Yours was the only plant that truly grew out of honesty, not deceit.”

Reader, did it ever occur to you that your heavenly father, who knows it all, has a way of advancing you past less honest and ethical marketers?

Sure He does.

In my series “financial prosperity in 2017” I offer a collection of spiritual truths that can ethically advance you in the year 2017.

If you’d like to learn more about putting the divine into your financial life of ethics, biz-book I invite you to download this free ebook, on “doing business by the Spirit”.

Here’s to playing by rules that work!

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