My secret to success

A lot of people know what it takes to be successful, but they fail to do it. Jesus himself said that there would be people like this: they would read His advise, yet fail to keep it. I think a lot of internet marketing programs are like that; they teach people what to do to … Continue reading My secret to success

Positioning yourself for Greatness

What is the single greatest thing you need to build an online business? The answer is: faith. Without faith, you won’t be able to believe that you are ever going to get there; that you will ever succeed. So you have to believe that you are going to reach your goal. Now. How does someone … Continue reading Positioning yourself for Greatness

How to Achieve the Miraculous in your life

Positioning yourself for greatness Before you can achieve anything great or miraculous, you must position yourself to receive it. But you can only do this when you believe that the thing are you are believing for is God's will for you and you believe that God can help you achieve these things. Positioning yourself for … Continue reading How to Achieve the Miraculous in your life

Fruitfulness in the work place

Would you like to experience fruitfulness in every part of your life? (sign up below for daily wisdom delivered to your inbox) I have found that while most believers truly believe that they should bear fruit in their spiritual life and even in their earthly relationships, they struggle with the idea that the their Heavenly … Continue reading Fruitfulness in the work place