How to sell online using content| Part 2

Yesterday, we talked about Content Marketing. What it is, how it can make you money, and why some people are poor who do it. I left you with this braindead conclusion and that is,

In the world of Content marketing, Content is King.

So what do I mean? Simply that, if you have lousy content, if the content you use is poor content, you won’t do well. Because people won’t click on your webpage for very long. And you’ll get quick exists, resulting in low rankings.

Now, I want to tell you a secret…content is more important and I do mean WAY more important than meta tags, headers, and back links. People don’t believe me when I tell them this, but the truth is (and I’m not lying here), you are going to do far better in your marketing strategy if you have great content that is compelling, then if you have SEO rich content that sounds stupid.

Here’s an example (and I solemnly swear, I’m not doing this for keyword density)

“Content marketing is great because content is a fascinating term in marketing. When you do content marketing you need to make sure that your content marketing has good content, that your marketing has compelling content and that when you market, you have kick @$*s marketing (that’s how most of you say it, no offense….

And what did you just do, marketer?  you sounded…stupid. And insulting. as though none of us can speak english and need to hear the term “content marketing ” like a hundred times already.

And here’s what you don’t know…when you stuff your content like that (yes, it actually is called “keyword stuffing”, when overdone), what you risk is being penalized by the search engines. That’s because, in content marketing, many people have relied on the density of their content’s keyword (which, in this case would be “content marketing”) in order to get great rankings.

Now here’s the kicker…if you just write naturally, and from the heart, you will have all of the keyword density you need, for great content that gets recognized by the search engines.

When you write from the heart, you won’t ever have to use some “keyword density finder” tool for your content, because it will flow.

Now, here’s another point I want to bring up in content marketing: A lot of people could be making really good money and drawing really good traffic, right now, but they don’t know HOW to write naturally.  In my e-series “Content Marketing Made simple” I show you the ins and outs of creating great content.

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How to Make Money Online with your Website’s Content|An introduction to Content Marketing

So what is content marketing? Well, that’s almost like asking “what is internet marketing” although the term “content marketing” is not quite as broad.

Content marketing can refer to any process of marketing that utilizes content, including lead magnets, articles, reviews, editorials, even forums and comment segments.

Whoa! That is a whole lot of possibilities. Now, add to that mix the whole genre of non-text media available, such as videos, graphics, and online profiles, and you are just beginning to see how spacious the whole arena is in the field of content marketing.

But now, we are honing in today on the concept of making money with content. And I don’t necessarily mean your own. In fact, many marketers make lots of money running forums, which is just a fancy term for letting other people’s content be a base for your ads.

Forum site’s make their money by drawing highly targeted traffic to online forums designed to let other users discuss specific issues. Then, the forum website owner runs ads on that site. See, he uses the traffic he gets from the content to justify charging big bucks from his advertisers. Or, maybe he runs Google adwords on the side, and he gets paid whenever someone clicks on an ad.

The point is, he would never get that traffic (resulting in the sale of ads or the commissions from adwords) if his content wasn’t compelling. That’s because, in the world of content marketing…

Content is king. Duh. so what do I mean? Tune in tomorrow for part 2, Making money online with your website’s content

How to Generate leads–the right way.

oooh…the manipulation magnet (not the best method)

You’ve probably heard  about a million ways on how to generate leads.

Squeeze pages

Sign up forms

Even trading leads with others.

Here’s the worst one of all…begging for leads (I think we’ve all done that before).

Begging for leads is when you start throwing all of the free stuff you can at your readers, hoping they will sign up.

This is something that a lot of information marketers do. If you sell information products, then you need to listen up…

everyone has been lying to you. They are telling you that you need to give, give give and then eventually, your prospect will feel obliged to order from you.

They tell you that if you just give out enough, free quality information, then eventually, your customer will pony up some cash for more information.

But why would they do that?

The Free Sample Mentality

(You  all know how this free sample stuff works…at the store they give you free samples and then, if you like it, they ask if you want to buy some, and they have a little cooler right there, so that they can hand you a box of the stuff to buy on the way out).

I’ll never forget when I was living on  a shoestring 15 years ago, and my friend Tawana took me to Sam’s Club. I insisted that I was too hungry to go without stopping for lunch first. The only problem was, I had no lunch money.
“Look”, I told her, “let me go home first and eat”.

“Nah,,,you won’t need to buy anything”.

Now, this girl was bold. Because when I got to Sam’s club, I saw her leave us with our carts and go back FIVE TIMES to the hot wings sample counter to get all of us free samples. I’m not kidding.


Then, she proceeded to bring me a tray of seafood puff pastries that were just about the most heavenly hors d’ourves I had ever eaten (alright…quite possibly the only hors d’ourves I’d eaten, if cheez whiz and crackers don’t count). After I squealed in delight, I kid you not, she very disarmingly crooned another plate of this stuff from the sample guy.  “Yea,  my friend says these are the best she’s ever eaten, and she hasn’t had lunch yet…” Then she asked for a box of them, and we walked away with some samples and some boxes of them which we put in our carts.

I think you know what happened next. In between bites of six different appetizers now turned entrees (due to the volume of plates I was juggling), I informed her, under my breath, that there was NO WAY  I could buy those appetizers she’d just place in my shopping cart. She just dimpled, nodded, and continued her round of sample schmoozing.

And on the way out of Sam’s club, she deposited five boxes of various frozen foods into a stray cooler.

No way would she ever buy… she was far too good at fringing the fields.

In case you don’t know it yet, “fringing the fields” is an Old Testament term used to describe the Almighty’s righteous welfare system. Landowners were commanded to leave the corners of their fields unharvested so that the poor could discreetly come and pick some of the harvest, without disturbing the peace of the owner or trespassing on the field. It would be today’s equivalent of a homeless person reaching up and snapping off an apple from a tree overhanging the sidewalk.

And it was expected. When you give away free information, you can expect that there are going to be people who snatch up your free information in the hopes of getting a real education. You can’t be sure that all of your customers are going to buy, just because you gift them with free samples. Many will, because it’s going to be far more convenient to have your latest tutorial on their hard drive, than to pour over 100 free emails every week.

But a lot of very new marketers won’t be able to afford anything. Or, they believe that if they just dig long enough, they will find their information for free, somewhere on the internet. And, they probably will. They will be a nomad, going from free sample to free sample, looking for a snippet here and there. Will it be enough to get them a lucrative online business? Maybe, if they don’t starve while searching.

Some prospects don’t have a choice; I always tell people, if you can’t afford a real internet marketing education, don’t waste your time getting free “information samples”. Get a job at McDonalds, and save up to buy at least one comprehensive, internet marketing training course.

Am I recommending mine? Not necessarily. You need to find a program or system that meets your needs.

That you can afford.

And that you can trust.

Is my program for you?

Let’s find out

Writing for your audience

“Hey, blogger, do I …know you?”

When you write a blog, it is so important that you write just as though you were talking to them.

Here’s what I mean: have you ever been on the web and found yourself reading a blog that went something like this:

Search engine optimization.

What is search engine optimization?

Well, search engine optimization is who search engines rank your website. They optimize it. For the search engines.

Another word for Search engine optimization is SEO. Seo stand for search engine optimization.

Okay, other than sounding choppy, did you notice how you had to trip over the word “Search engine Optimization” , like, half a dozen times; and you still had to scan for any info. And the info that you got was something you got already!

Content like this cheapens the web, and is annoying. It is super easy to tell at a glance that these bloggers are NOT interested in content, just in getting rankings.

For what? Ranking well so that others will click off your site? (see how THAT helps your rankings……

–No, a better way is to write to your audience.

What most bloggers don’t know.

One thing that a whole lot of bloggers don’t understand is how their rankings are affected by how long people stay on their site.

So let me explain:

When you optimize to the search engines to the point of sacrificing the user experience, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

All of those keywords help your blog rise in the rankings, but everyone clicks off within seconds.

And that will cause your rankings to plummet.

A better way to get rankings is just to write naturally. No one believes this, but it really is the best way to get rankings.

How do I know? Because I’ve done seo. No, reader, I mean I have DONE SEO. Diligently. Thoroughly. I even have an Seo business. And if I told you how well I’ve done on some keywords, you probably wouldn’t believe me. Or think I was bragging. Or be…jealous.

Or, more likely, you would try to emulate my strategies. So here it is (this is for all of you who have found my blog through the search engines).

The very best thing you can do for your blog is to write naturally.

Hode it, hode it (that’s how my kids used to say it) I know what you’re thinking (yes, reader, it’s true…I read minds). No seriously,  I do know that advice like that seems so mamby pam, pie in the sky fake.  It s sounds like something that your competitor would say, to steer you wrong.

But you aren’t my competitor.  You are my partner. Because, if you keep making the web look cruddy by posting SEO rich, content poor dribble, it makes all of us look bad.

Look, you’ve tried everything else.

How about this one?

For one month, instead of using all of the SEO trick, tips and gadget you can think of , how about just writing naturally?

I’m not saying that you can’t put keywords in your copy, in your title, or on you tags. But how about this experiment: for one full month, just write like you talk. And then, let me know how it works for you

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What is Content Marketing

How content marketing is different from selling online

Content marketing is what happens when someone makes a website and runs ads off it. There is so much good quality content that the traffic to that website is enormous.

An example of this is an online encyclopedia like Of course, an encyclopedia as an example is a no brainer; everyone reading this article knows how an online encyclopedia is a content site. But most of  you reading this don’t have the staff or money to hire enough writers, researchers, and educators to contribute the quality material you would need in order to build an online encyclopedia.

So, let’s use the content site “” as an example.

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